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Zalman Reserator 1 Plus Water Cooling System - Page 3 of 6
Posted: September 26, 2005
Author: Asylum
Manufacturer: Zalman
Source: Zalman USA
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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A Closer Look:

In this section we will take a closer look at the craftsmanship of each part and just how well built this Zalman product really is.

Skipping over some of the smaller items like clamps and such we start with the flow indicator and included coolant. This is an inline indicator, as you can see there is a small orange insert inside the tube that vibrates as liquid passes over it. It gives the impression of being a very solid piece judging by its weight and size. The image on the right shows a bottle of anti-corrosion coolant additive. Nothing really special about it other than it is included in the kit.

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Next we see a close-up of the individually wrapped VGA coolers; again only one of them is included in the kit, the other Zalman included for sake of review on an SLI based system. The second image shows a closer look at the contents of the package, with a highly polished finish on the water block it shows that Zalman put in a little extra effort.

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Inside the bag of goodies included with the VGA block were several small RAM sinks and parts to install the block. Also included were a tube of thermal compound and a sticker, shown in the image on the left. The second image again shows the well polished VGA water block.

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Now letís take a look at the CPU block and its additional components. The first image shows the plastic clamshell package that contains the water block and installation kit. As you can see there are several parts included with the installation kit, this is mainly due to the wide variety of mother boards that this cooler can accommodate.

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A closer look at the CPU water block shows the blue anodized aluminum block with stainless steel fittings. This massive block weighs in at 260g (.57lbs) with a solid copper base and gold plated seating surface. Shown below is the top and bottom of the CPU block, notice again the highly polished gold plated base showing off the extra effort that Zalman put into this product.

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The last of the main components is the reservoir. The 2.5 liter vessel uses a large surface area instead of fans to cool the contained liquid. The image on the left shows the Reserator laid out on my coffee table, tucked away behind is an extra long cord that has an on off switch built directly into the cord. Also notice the in and out ports, these are quick releasing connectors to allow for easy installation and removal of the connected tubing. Built into the quick release connectors is a check valve that closes off all water when disconnected from the vessel; however a few drops do spill out from what is in the end of the valve.

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Inside the Reserator we see the pump. Also notice the bright blue connector to the left of the pump. This is the return line for the water after passing through the system, and looks like a good place to add some future modifications.

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