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Halos CatDrive 1TB Networked Drive :: Posted On January 09, 2018
Halos CatDrive 1TB Networked Drive
CatDrive is a new product from Halos that is currently in crowd funding on Indiegogo. The concept is fairly simple, a private storage device that is designed to be a multi-user, auto back up device you can access from anywhere. Since it is your own device you won't be paying monthly fees for cloud storage either. Inside the white or black housing is a 1TB 5400 rpm drive, with a dual core processor and 512MB of DDR memory.
EwinRacing Flash Series Ergonomic Office Chair with Pillows :: Posted On December 20, 2017
EwinRacing Flash Series Ergonomic Office Chair with Pillows
I have never reviewed a chair before, but I have sat in plenty of them, so I would say I am fairly qualified to share my opinion. The EwinRacing Flash Series chair is definitely very comfortable, and overall has a very high build quality. I also appreciate that it can accommodate such a range of user heights / weights, as I am quite often left with chairs maxed out and still wishing for a little more room! Not with this chair, as it can go so high that my feet are left dangling.
D-Link COVR-3902 AC3900 Wi-Fi System :: Posted On December 08, 2017
D-Link COVR-3902 AC3900 Wi-Fi System
D-Link has lately become known for their high end routers that look like they could be from another world, but they have also been making solid entry level performers and everything in between. Surprisingly one thing they haven't done up to now was a mesh network. Today we take a look at the COVR-3902 AC3900 Wi-Fi system. This unit consists of an AC2600 router and an AC1300 Wi-Fi range extender that promises a combined 6000 square feet of coverage.
EZVIZ Mini Trooper Wi-Fi Security Camera System :: Posted On December 05, 2017
EZVIZ Mini Trooper Wi-Fi Security Camera System
The wire free design of the EZVIZ Mini Trooper Wi-Fi security camera system is incredibly useful in certain situations. I can see these being very attractive for renters who can't run hardwired cameras or someone who is just looking for a heads up that someone is poking around their stuff and wants an easy solution. You really can't get much easier. But this ease does come with some drawbacks. Really everything is centered around one potential issue: the batteries.
Xiaomi Aqara Smart Water Sensor :: Posted On November 16, 2017
Xiaomi Aqara Smart Water Sensor
The Xiaomi Aqara smart water sensor is a compact puck-like device that operates on a single button cell battery (CR2032) which uses Zigbee to communicate with SmartThings and other compatible home automation systems. With a price tag that can possibly be much lower than the other two water sensors we have checked out, we'll see exactly what you can expect with Xiaomi's take on this technology.
Dojo by Bullguard Internet Security Device :: Posted On November 15, 2017
Dojo by Bullguard Internet Security Device
Some people figure they aren't at risk since they don't care if someone gains access to their smart fridge or other IoT devices. But often these hackers look for the weak links in your network to leverage them against other more vital network devices. The truth is we all need to take network security seriously; the problem is most people have no idea what they can or should do. This is where devices like the Dojo come in.

From Around The Web
Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 1200W Power Supply Unit
It may lack the latest 80 Plus Titanium certification but the brand new 80 Plus Platinum certified Toughpower Grand RGB 1200W Power Supply Unit by Thermaltake has everything else including solid rail stability, low noise levels and both automatic and manual RGB illumination. nikktech.com
ECS Z370-LIGHTSABER LGA1151 Motherboard
The Z370-LIGHTSABER motherboard from ECS is an improvement in terms of functionality and overclocking versus the previous generations; we have been able to overclock our 8600K i5 to about 4.8GHz by setting a VCore of 1.35V inside the UEFI interface, but because of the missing VDroop compensation levels, the voltage did drop quite a bit to about 1.243V at maximum load. With our G.SKILL TridentZ 32GB 3200MHz DDR4 kit, we were unable to run the pre-programmed XMP profile, so we needed to downclock a bit to about 3100MHz in order to get a fully stable, bootable system. madshrimps.be
Corsair Hydro H150i Pro RGB CPU Cooler
Corsair has updated their line-up of Hydro Series series of AIO liquid coolers. The Corsair Hydro H150i Pro RGB 360mm CPU cooler is among their latest offerings. Their new line of coolers includes the Corsair H115i Pro RGB of the 280mm variety, and shares the same functionality with this larger 360mm unit. In this article for Benchmark Reviews, I focus on the Corsair Hydro H150i Pro RGB and compare it to some other AIO units I have tested in the past. Let's find out how well the H150i Pro stacks up to the competition. benchmarkreviews.com
Enermax Ostrog ADV LED ATX Mid-Tower PC Case
Enermax is a name that every computer enthusiast knows. Back when I was growing up as a kid in early 2000, I had a purchased a pair of 350W Enermax power supplies as they were one of the premier brands one could buy at the time. These power supplies never died and lasted for almost ten years before I had to recycle these computers for becoming obsolete. It's a strange thing when I have personal memories of Enermax, but have never reviewed an Enermax product professionally. modsynergy.com
AVM FRITZ!Box 7590 Wireless Router
If you just want basic WiFi and a few wired ports connected to your broadband, the router that came with your Internet service might be enough. But a top-end WiFi router can give you a whole lot more in feature terms, and the AVM FRITZ!Box 7590 is a case in point. Not only does it include a potent firewall and VPN capabilities, but it also integrates a host of IP telephony and NAS features in an attempt to be the central hub of all your communications. kitguru.net
Noontec Hammo Wireless Headphones
Noontec has combined good looks, great sound and microphone quality with excellent comfort and a reasonable price of $150, This is a pair of wireless headphones that we can easily recommend to everyone who wants to break free from the cable. techpowerup.com
Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro Cooler
Corsair looks to reassert their dominance in the all-in-one liquid cooler market with the launch of the H150i Pro. Taking the "go big or go home" approach, it packs an RGB pump block and 360 mm radiator. The cherry on top is the inclusion of Corsair's much vaunted ML series fans. techpowerup.com
CORSAIR Hydro H150i Pro Low Noise 360mm RGB Liquid CPU Coole
The brand new Hydro H150i Pro Low Noise 360mm RGB Liquid CPU Cooler by CORSAIR combines near-excellent cooling efficiency with almost inaudible operation even in performance mode. nikktech.com
Corsair Carbide Spec-Omega Case
The Spec-Omega looks to be an amalgamation of the Spec-Alpha with the tempered glass side panel taken from the Spec-04. The Spec-Omega's interior is different from either of the previous cases, designed to handle liquid coolers up to 360mm in size, while doing so in a case of roughly the same size as it's brethren. In this article for Benchmark Reviews, we'll be putting the Spec-Omega to the test with a complete system build. benchmarkreviews.com
Hyper X Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset
It's been a long time coming but nearly 4 years after the original Cloud headset was announced we bring you our review of the long awaited wireless Hyper X headset. The Hyper X Cloud Flight promises all the comfort and immersive audio of the original cloud headset but with gaming grade wireless connectivity and 30 hour battery life. Is the Cloud Flight worth 139.99 and could it be the must have wireless headset of 2018? kitguru.net
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