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Puro Sound Labs Pure Gamer Volume Limiting Headset :: Posted On November 22, 2019
Puro Sound Labs Pure Gamer Volume Limiting Headset
Well first and foremost the Puro Sound Labs Pure Gamer is a volume limiting headset. They are designed to enhance the sound at every volume up to 85dB using their Puro Balanced Response. Each ear cup is well padded and covered in a vegan leather to enhance breathability and block out up to 75% of ambient noise. In each cup you will find a 50mm graphene driver to accurately recreate your soundstage or gaming environment.
POW Audio Mo Expandable Wireless Speaker :: Posted On November 19, 2019
POW Audio Mo Expandable Wireless Speaker
One of the cool features of the POW Audio Mo speaker is that expands thanks to what they call WaveBloom, a rubber membrane of sorts that attaches the base to the top of the housing (the darker grey band separating the left from right in the image above). You can keep the speakers collapsed to make them more portable, but then expand them to increase the internal volume and enhance the sound produced.
D-Link DCS-8600LH Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera :: Posted On November 14, 2019
D-Link DCS-8600LH Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera
The D-Link DCS-8600LH Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi camera comes with a fairly impressive list of features. It has the ability to do cloud recording or local recording to a microSD card. It is IP65 so you can mount it inside or out, so long as your temperatures are between -4 and 113 Fahrenheit. As with just about every camera it does have an IR source for night vision with a range of about 23 feet.
EwinRacing Flash XL Gaming Chair :: Posted On November 13, 2019
EwinRacing Flash XL Gaming Chair
About two years back we did a review on a product that wasn't quite the standard fare for; a PC gaming chair. The original review was on the Flash Series ergonomic office chair from Recently they reached out to us and asked us to take a look at another one of their chairs; the Flash XL. The XL series is specifically made for, well, let's just say larger frames. It is designed to hold up to 550 pounds and people up to 7 feet tall.
Nano Torch Twist Magnetic Swivel LED Flashlight :: Posted On October 30, 2019
Nano Torch Twist Magnetic Swivel LED Flashlight
KeySmart's Nano Torch Twist magnetic swivel LED flashlight is really a well made, reliable flashlight that does what you expect, plus a bit more. The various lighting modes are a nice touch, but the swivel head and magnetic base really make this a valuable tool to have. This will save me a good deal of frustration just in the amount of time I spend under my hood or completely under the car. Even away from the cars it is very handy.
D-Link COVR 2202 Tri-Band WiFi Mesh System :: Posted On September 30, 2019
D-Link COVR 2202 Tri-Band WiFi Mesh System
A while back we took a look at D-Link's first foray into mesh networking and were left impressed with the performance. Since then many competitors have upped their game and so too has D-Link. Recently they sent over the D-Link COVR 2202 which is an AC2200 Tri-band mesh network. The inclusion of the extra 5GHz channel as a dedicated backhaul should make a significant improvement in my Wi-Fi, so let's see how this actually stacks up.

From Around The Web
ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ 27in 165Hz Gaming Monitor
Full HD might have been the sweet spot for a gaming monitor a few years ago, but things have moved on. Now, a lot of graphics cards can comfortably handle higher resolutions, and 2,560 x 1,440 has become a more sensible mainstream option. But you still want high refresh ability and adaptive sync. Enter the ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ. This 27in screen offers a 2,560 x 1,440 resolution, 165Hz and FreeSync adaptive sync that is certified NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible.
Patriot Viper 4 Blackout DDR4-3600 2x8GB DDR4 RAM
Our review unit of the Patriot Viper 4 Blackout DDR4-3600 2x8GB memory kit arrived in a brown corrugated cardboard box from the company's American headquarters in Fremont, California. Traveling with UPS and their Standard ground service, the box was in good condition with no real bumps or bruises to be concerned about. Otherwise, Patriot included several packing pockets to ensure the product inside remains intact.
WD Black D10 Game Drive for Xbox 12TB
Western Digital adds to its Game Drive portfolio with a high capacity 12TB option for Xbox with the WD_Black D10 Game Drive.
Creative T100 Compact Hi-Fi 2.0 Desktop Speakers
Since the T100 did not require any software installation, we went ahead and listened to various content such as YouTube clips, FLAC tracks via USB interface, movies and some TV shows. Considering the size of the drivers and also of the speakers themselves, we were impressed by the bass delivery, which is not overpowering and also the clear highs. After a while, we found the sound output as good as when owning a much larger soundbar, but this time the space occupied on the table is notably smaller. If you are using the set on a desktop table, along your PC setup, you won't have much use of the remote, since you can mostly fine-tune the audio output via the sound card controls or the buttons on the top of the right speaker.
Autonomous Kinn Chair
Recently we've reviewed a few different Autonomous products including their ErgoChair 2 and Smart Desk 2. They have recently announced their Kinn Chair and sent one over for review. They tell us that the Kinn is their best ergonomic office chair for better posture, greater range of movement and stronger well-being at and away from your work. The Kinn chair is very different from chairs we've reviewed in the past, it uses a TPE material that molds to your body, which is interesting to say the least.
Corsair iCUE LS100 Smart Lighting Strips
Corsair are known for their high-quality products, most of which come with a splash of RGB but it seems Corsair have fully embraced the RGB lifestyle with the new LS100 Smart Lighting Strips! These are external LED strips to completely customise your gaming setup with almost unlimited customisation via their iCUE software. With a starter kit and two expansion kits available these feature a rubberised design that is fully flexible, a physical controller, magnetic mounts and silicone diffusion that really sets these RGB strips apart.
Corsair QL120 RGB Fans
At this point, nearly everyone has their own RGB fans on the market but really only a few companies have been innovating at all. Corsair has been at the forefront of that so much so that Corsair and RGB lighting has become a meme sometimes on Reddit. Its okay Corsair, this is a safe space, we can talk about your love for RGB. Specifically, I want to talk a little about their new QL series of RGB fans that is launching today. I've had them around the office for a few weeks and I've had time to play around with them a little. Corsairs' big change with QL fans is that they have "spectacular lighting from any angle". With lighting similar to their Light Loop fans, only this time around they doubled up and have lighting on the back as well and the edges have the lighting visible as well.
HyperX Cloud Alpha S Gaming Headset
By introducing a new color theme, 7.1 virtual surround sound and adjustable bass levels via rear earcup sliders the latest Cloud Alpha S by HyperX could be the gaming headset you've been looking for.
Corsair iCUE QL120 RGB Fans
Currently Corsair's flagship RGB fans are their LL series fans. These fans feature 16 independent RGB LEDs across two separate light loops. Well Corsair is taking things to the next level with their brand new QL series fans. These will feature a whopping 34 independent RGB LEDs across four distinct light loops. Basically they have taken what was on the front of their LL series fans and mirrored it on the back of the fan. This is awesome as many builds use fans mounted to the bottom of the case as an intake and the RGB lighting of the fan really does not get shown.
Zombieload V2 TAA Performance Impact Benchmarks On Cascade L
While this week we have posted a number of benchmarks on the JCC Erratum and its CPU microcode workaround that introduces new possible performance hits, also being announced this week as part of Intel's security disclosures was "Zombieload Variant Two" as the TSX Async Abort vulnerability that received same-day Linux kernel mitigations. I've been benchmarking the TAA mitigations to the Linux kernel since the moment they hit the public Git tree and here are those initial benchmark results on an Intel Cascade Lake server.
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