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Fibaro KeyFob Z-Wave Scene Controller :: Posted On June 13, 2017
Fibaro KeyFob Z-Wave Scene Controller
The Fibaro KeyFob has been in use for a few weeks now, and I am very pleased with it. The setup was very easy, and it has become one of my more common means of interacting with portions of my smart home. It works very well for toggling outdoor lights and opening/closing my garage doors, even when just pulling up to the house. The device reconnects to my Z-Wave network quickly, and from a distance that is quite impressive.
NodOn Z-Wave Soft Remote CRC-3US-6 :: Posted On May 26, 2017
NodOn Z-Wave Soft Remote CRC-3US-6
The NodOn Z-Wave Soft Remote can be used as a standalone controller, meaning you don't necessarily have to buy a controller like the Smartthings hub or Wink hub to get up and running to control up to 16 Z-wave devices. If you already have a hub, or if you eventually grow with the Soft Remote to the point that you need a hub, no problem, it can also be connected as a device on your hub while still giving you the ability to control up to 16 devices through scenes/routines.
Synology RT1900ac AC1900 Wireless Gigabit Router :: Posted On May 23, 2017
Synology RT1900ac AC1900 Wireless Gigabit Router
The Synology RT1900ac AC1900 wireless Gigabit router is a great all in one networking device. The standard wireless router features are all there as you would expect, but the addition of the Synology SRM software is what make this an above average wireless router. I have enjoyed using Synology's embedded OS (DSM) on their NAS products for a few years now, and the SRM (Synology Router Manager) is fantastic as well.
leakSMART Complete Home Water Protection Shut-off System :: Posted On May 08, 2017
leakSMART Complete Home Water Protection Shut-off System
The main leakSMART system components are the shut-off valve, remote sensors, and hub. They all use the ZigBee protocol, which uses a mesh network for communication, but does require a hub for control. This review will be handled a little different than our typical reviews. First we will go over the components of the leakSMART system, and then we will go over system performance with their proprietary hub, Iris by Lowes hub, the Wink hub, and then the SmartThings hub.
Fibaro Home Center Lite Z-Wave Smart Home Controller :: Posted On May 05, 2017
Fibaro Home Center Lite Z-Wave Smart Home Controller
The Fibaro Home Center Lite Z-Wave smart home controller is a powerful device able to manage up to 230 Z-Wave devices with impressively fast local processing. The setup is quick and easy, and within minutes the unit is ready for you to start adding devices and configuring scenes. It is a very feature packed controller, so you have more advanced control over how your devices are setup, used, and associated with other features of your smart home.
Dome Mouser DMMZ1 Z-Wave Plus Smart Rodent Trap :: Posted On April 29, 2017
Dome Mouser DMMZ1 Z-Wave Plus Smart Rodent Trap
The product up for consideration takes our interest in home automation in a whole new direction! The Dome Mouser DMMZ1 Z-Wave Plus smart rodent trap may be one of the most interesting applications of Z-Wave technology that I have seen. The Mouser has a cat inspired design, as well as a cat inspired purpose. The housing conceals a battery powered electrocution system, as well as a Z-Wave radio to let you know when it has "taken care of" a rodent!

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Creative Sound BlasterX H5 Tournament Edition Gaming Headset
As the high-end Sound BlasterX H7 headset, the H5 Tournament Edition does offer a comfortable and light chassis, which does incorporate large 50mm drivers. The TE version drivers do feature extra tuning in order to obtain clear and loud audio output, a fact that does not only benefit gamers, but also people who watch lots of multimedia content. madshrimps.be
IN WIN 509 Full Tower Gaming Chassis
IN WIN, one of the leaders in PC Chassis, has reached for the stars and brought back the 509! IN WIN began in 1985 and has grown into one of the leaders in computing Chassis, Power Supplies, Enclosures, and other peripheral products. Not many companies are building Full Tower gaming cases, but that didn't stop IN WIN from building the… modders-inc.com
Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 280 Liquid CPU Cooler
The new MasterLiquid Pro 280 Liquid CPU Cooler from Cooler Master does impress with the good quality of materials, durability of both pump, fans but also features impressive cooling capabilities when talking about an octal-core overclocked platform. Given we do have at our disposal the stock AM4 backplate, the installation for the Ryzen platform is pretty straight forward thanks to the Upgrade Kit and the supplied MasterFan Pro 140mm do offer an extra level of customization, by offering an integrated fan controller, with three different profiles. madshrimps.be
Fnatic Gear RUSH Pro Silent Mechanical Keyboard
Don't forget to send your site news to us. As we promise to post your news articles on APH Networks periodically, we would certainly appreciate it if you do the same as well. Thank you for your support in advance! aphnetworks.com
Roccat Leadr Gaming Mouse
Roccat has gone wireless with its Leadr optical gaming mouse. The Leadr includes a few new features, like the Owl-Eye 12000 DPI optical sensor (PixArt 3361). This is a modified version of the PixArt 3360 with improved responsiveness and manual surface calibration. With a body design similar to the Roccat Tyon, the Leadr also includes RGB lighting, an elegant charging dock, and customizable settings and profiles via the Swarm software. It does have a 20 hours battery life, which should set some great expectations for long gaming sessions. benchmarkreviews.com
Patriot Hellfire 240GB PCIe M.2 SSD
Since its release, the Patriot Hellfire has received a lot of positive press and, as you saw in our review, it's well deserved. This compact, M.2 form factor SSD is powered by Phison's PS5007-E7 controller and is available with up to 480GB of Toshiba's 15nm MLC NAND flash. Combine this with an NVMe 1.2 certified, PCIe Gen3 x4 interface and you have a drive capable of delivering nearly four times the performance of your average SATA 6Gb/s SSD. In our sequential read and write tests, the 240GB version of the drive was able to read at speeds as high as 2,967 MB/s and write at speeds in excess of 2,281 MB/s. cdrlabs.com
Toshiba N300 8TB HDD
We've already looked at the mainstream P300 and high-end X300 consumer hard drives from Toshiba, now we get the chance to have a look at something a bit more specialised … in the shape of the N300, a drive range specifically designed for use in NAS devices. kitguru.net
Xtorm EVOKE 10.000mAh Solar Charger
After 2 weeks of testing the AM121 EVOKE Solar Charger by Xtorm is among a handful of powerbanks we'd choose to have with us when far away from electrical sockets. nikktech.com
Raidmax Sigma ATX Tower Chassis
Raidmax's Sigma ATX tower computer case goes under the spotlight today as we see all that it has to offer. tweaktown.com
Acer Predator XB252Q 240Hz G-SYNC Monitor
If you're serious about your games, and like to win as much as possible, every frame counts. But even if you have the fastest graphics card currently available, your monitor might not actually be able to display all the frames that are being delivered to it. This is where a top-end gaming monitor like the Acer Predator XB252Q comes in. It's specifically designed to get the best out of high frame-rate gaming. kitguru.net
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