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KeySmart Pro Smart Key Organizer With Location Tracking :: Posted On November 27, 2019
KeySmart Pro Smart Key Organizer With Location Tracking
While most of the KeySmart key organizer simply organize your keys like a Swiss Army knife, the Pro model adds a few additional features that turn it into a smart device. In addition to an LED flashlight to help you light up any key hole, the KeySmart Pro also has a USB rechargeable implementation of Tile's location tracking technology built in. You will not only be able to keep your keys organized, you can find them using the Tile app on your phone
Piper Computer Kit STEM Learning Toy :: Posted On November 26, 2019
Piper Computer Kit STEM Learning Toy
Following the Piper created blueprint, kids can physically build their own computer, and then learn the basics of electronics and programming as they work through a series of interactive video game like tutorials and adventures. Piper was in attendance at a recent media showcase event, and after getting an entertaining hands on with their system there, I was very excited to bring one home and see if my nine year old son was as excited as I was to check this out.
D-Link DCH-S161 Wi-Fi Water Sensor :: Posted On November 25, 2019
D-Link DCH-S161 Wi-Fi Water Sensor
The D-Link DCH-S161 is roughly a 2.7" square white box that is about 1.2" thick. It uses (2) readily available AA batteries which are included to get you started, and houses a built in 90dB alarm siren. The unit comes with a sensor probe with integral cable that is about 6 feet long. It is wall mountable and is operable through the mydlink app, Google Assistant and IFTTT. Surprisingly Alexa is not included on this device.
D-Link DSP-W118 Wi-Fi Smart Outlet :: Posted On November 25, 2019
D-Link DSP-W118 Wi-Fi Smart Outlet
The D-Link DSP-W118 Wi-Fi Smart Outlet is significantly smaller than their older model, coming in at about 2.5" x 1.5" x 1 3/8", and is more or less the same size and format as other smart outlets on the market whether they are Wi-Fi, Zigbee, or Z-Wave. This outlet is designed to be controlled primarily by the D-Link mydlink app. It is also compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and IFTTT.
Puro Sound Labs Pure Gamer Volume Limiting Headset :: Posted On November 22, 2019
Puro Sound Labs Pure Gamer Volume Limiting Headset
Well first and foremost the Puro Sound Labs Pure Gamer is a volume limiting headset. They are designed to enhance the sound at every volume up to 85dB using their Puro Balanced Response. Each ear cup is well padded and covered in a vegan leather to enhance breathability and block out up to 75% of ambient noise. In each cup you will find a 50mm graphene driver to accurately recreate your soundstage or gaming environment.
POW Audio Mo Expandable Wireless Speaker :: Posted On November 19, 2019
POW Audio Mo Expandable Wireless Speaker
One of the cool features of the POW Audio Mo speaker is that expands thanks to what they call WaveBloom, a rubber membrane of sorts that attaches the base to the top of the housing (the darker grey band separating the left from right in the image above). You can keep the speakers collapsed to make them more portable, but then expand them to increase the internal volume and enhance the sound produced.

From Around The Web
Kingston DC500R 3.84TB SSD
Kingston's latest DC500R SSD is a drive designed for read-centric workloads in data centres and features 64-layer 3D TLC NAND, an 8-channel controller and hardware based power protection.
ThermalTake Water 3.0 240 ARGB All In One CPU Cooling Soluti
ThermalTake has been a leader in cooling solutions for a very long time. It seems that every time they come up with a new cooler it is better than the previous one. Over the years I learned to trust ThermalTake products as they rarely fail to perform to my expectations.
Galax HOF Pro 1TB NVMe PCIe Gen4 M.2 SSD
Galax HOF products are typically white themed pieces of hardware with exotic looking thermal solutions, and the Galax HOF Pro M.2 SSD is no different. This Phison Gen4 E16 variant has a stunning white PCB and comes with an exotic looking aluminum heat sink. The hefty aluminum heat sink has an integrated copper heat pipe that gives the drive what we would describe as a dangerously attractive look.
Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 Cooler
The Liquid Freezer II does things differently to most AIO watercooling loops by incorporating a small blower-style fan into the pump assembly, providing cooling to nearby VRM components which can go without adequate airflow when using loops from other manufacturers,
ADATA SE800 Ultra Fast USB 3.2 Gen2 USB-C Portable SSD
The SE lineup goes back to 2015 when we were one of the first to "beta" test the SE730 portable SSD. When this drive came to market, it had undergone a design change, and ADATA has stayed with that design since. The SE800, in house today, follows that same design with new color options and capacities. Also, the SE800 has had a significant upgrade to its underlying hardware, with a custom-designed PCB with 3D NAND and USB 3.2 Gen2 capabilities. This gives the SE800 performance near 1000 MB/s for each of the 512GB and 1TB models available.
Autonomous ErgoChair 2 Black Edition
The Autonomous ErgoChair 2 is a unique piece of furniture that tries to break the stigma of office or gaming chairs. Let's be honest, gaming chairs are mostly a copy and paste from an OEM with a different label slapped on it. However, there are a few exceptions and those exceptions are very comfortable and fairly expensive. Most "gaming" chairs.
Seagate FireCuda 510 1 TB SSD
The Seagate FireCuda 510 SSD impresses with transfer rates reaching 4 GB/s; random reads go up to 475k IOPS. Under the hood, the drive uses Toshiba 3D TLC flash, paired with Hynix DDR4 DRAM. Sustained transfer rates are excellent, even when the large SLC cache is exhausted, and thermals are good, too.
AOC AGON AG273QX 27in 165Hz Gaming Monitor
If we needed any more evidence that 2,560 x 1,440 is fast becoming the new sweet spot for gaming monitors, the fact that we've been sent two models with this resolution in the space of a few weeks merely confirms it. Hot on the heels of the ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ we see the AOC AGON AG273QX, which has a broadly similar specification, but with a few significant differences.
Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. M Wireless Keyboard
S.T.R.I.K.E. M is a cool looking mobile keyboard which features smaller than usual keys, meaning that some time is needed to get accustomed with. While the product connects to the devices via Bluetooth technology, we do have one device cycle button for jumping from one device to another in just a couple of seconds, without the need of additional configurations of software. Multimedia keys are fitted on the top left side and quite a bit of functions like ESC and F-keys are accessible while working with the Fn key.
HyperX Fury RGB DDR4-3200 16GB Memory Kit
We first saw HyperX's Infrared Sync Technology on their HyperX Predator RGB DDR4 memory. This technology allows the RGB effects of each module to stay in sync with each other. Pretty much every other RGB kit we've reviewed over the past year will eventually get out of sync, which does no impact performance, but for those who want the effects to be in sync HyperX has the solution. HyperX has now added both RGB and this technology to their Fury DDR4 memory.
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