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Novostella BLink BT Mesh Smart LED Flood Light 4-Pack
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Novostella
Source: Novostella
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December 22, 2021

We first looked at some of Novostella's products in February of 2021 when they sent over some smart A19 bulbs and then a pair of smart outdoor floodlights to check out. The items made a good impression in the reviews, and all of them are still in regular use 10 months later. The A19 bulbs wound up in one of my kid's bedrooms, and to be honest, I bought a half dozen additional indoor bulbs so my two other kids could have some fun with their lighting, too.

Novostella recently asked me to check out their newer smart floodlights, from their BLink series, and yes, the B and the L are both capitalized on purpose. These lights are connected via Bluetooth, and while you could connect direct to your phone or other Bluetooth enabled device, the 4-pack of bulbs included a Bluetooth hub which puts them all on your network via WiFi, and then makes the bulbs all available to your Smart Life app, Google Home, or Amazon Alexa.

Promo Image

The set received for review is shown in the promotional image above, and before taking a closer look at what you get, let's look at some published data on the kit, taken from the product page on the Novostella website...

The BLink Lights:

» The Novostella Advantage--As the leading brand of smart flood light, Novostella's sales volume has already hit 1 million globally. Novostella BLink collection, being linked by Bluetooth Mesh, makes connection much easier and faster.

» PATENTED ANTENNA DESIGN--Patented sleek design with an antenna for wireless network enhancement, stable connection, working distance is up to 80-85ft, which is 2.5 times longer than that without an antenna. Set-up is pretty easy and takes only a few minutes with the help of the detailed guide on video and manual.

» BLINK SERIES FEATURES--Via BT connect the wireless rgb stage light with the "Smart Home" App. With BT Mesh Technology you can remote control the light within 82 ft, Group control can control up to 128 LED floodlights at the same time.

» MILLION COLORS RGBCW-SYNC YOUR MUSIC--There are 16 million dimmable colors and 8 lighting scenes to choose from. Tunable white from 2700K to 6500K. Stage floodlight can change colors according to rhythm of music melody, there are 2 modes of this function - playing the music in the APP which is APP identify system music files or APP listen the music from surrounding.

» GROUP CONTROL--Countdown timer automatically turns off smart flood lights at the time you set. You can control not only one led landscape light individually, but also can control multiple landscape lights at the same time. It's very convenience and useful when you want all landscape lights to change colors or modes by group control.

The BLink Hub:

» COMPATIBLE WITH ALEXA/GOOGLE HOME, FREE VOICE CONTROL: The smart hub Support voice control, Simply give a voice command to Alexa or Google home to control devices(such as turn on/off the light).Automatically turn on and off the smart products in your home to achieve automation.

» CONNECT SMART DEVICES: The gateway hub is well compatible with Novostella BLink Smart LED Flood Lights, can access upto 128 devices, as a bridge and control center, to achieve remote control. you can customize your systems depending on your individual needs and security requirements, which allows to control all your flood lights in one App.

» SMART LIFE APP REMOTE CONTROL: Use the free APP to control all your Novostella BLink Smart LED Flood Lights. Add, reset and group devices quickly and easily via the hub, and set up schedules to control connected devices remotely from your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

» PLUG AND PLAY: the smart wireless gateway does not need to be connected to the network cable, it is plug and play, and it can be placed in any place with a socket to be powered on and used for networking. Only works with 2.4G Wi-Fi(Not compatible with 5G Wi-Fi).

» WON'T SLOW DOWN WI-FI:The smart hub will not slow down other devices connected to your wifi since it operates independently from your home's internet.

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