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Ultra Products X-Finity 600W ATX PSU - Page 4 of 4
Posted: April 15, 2005
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Ultra Products
Source: Ultra Products
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Going into this review I guess I was expecting the Ultra Products X-Finity 600W power supply to be more about looks than performance. I was glad to see the testing prove me wrong. The test system may not have been the ultimate power hungry machine, but it was loaded up fairly well, overclocked, and overvolted to give the unit as much trouble as possible. Considering the +5V and +12V rails didn't even budge when going from idle to load conditions, I can confidently say it could handle much more!

Given the high power rating of this unit, and the current state of computer systems, I was surprised by the omission of explicit PCIe graphics card support. A power supply unit like this could be ideal for a high end PCIe graphics card, many of which require a special 6-pin power connector. The X-Finity would look sharp in a modded gaming rig, that just might feature two PCIe cards for dual display or perhaps even SLi. This power supply could still be used on such a system with the appropriate power adaptors, but making it part of the stock offering would really add to the appeal.

The style of the X-Finity power supply is one the unique features, but almost seems like an incomplete effort. The housing is well finished and extremely sharp looking. The mirror finish 'titanium' shell, the blue LED fans, and the two side windows make it scream to be shown off. But, the internal power cables are fairly generic and detract from the style. If the X-Finity had fully sleeved or colored cables, or even slick modular cables like the Xconnect, the entire assembly would look incredible.

Speaking of the cables, the use of only two leads to provide connections for all eight 4-pin Molex connectors and two floppy connectors seemed less convenient than providing a few more leads with less connections on each. The two leads are quite long, and there are plenty of connectors, but wire management could be an issue, as could be the ability to reach various components in different corners of the case.

The only other significant issue could be the meager efficiency. The 64% efficiency is quite low compared to all the active PFC units available today, and will not only use more electricity, but generate more heat. If you pay your own electric bill, and leave your PC on 24/7, you will see an increase between this unit and one of the many with efficiencies over 90%!

What about price? We haven't touched on how much a PSU like the Ultra Products X-Finity 600W will set you back, and unfortunately PriceGrabber was no help, either. Checking the Ultra Products "Where to Buy" page doesn't find it at many of the approved outlets, but I did find it at for under $90 (US). Not bad at all, and that makes the price one more positive feature of the X-Finity power supply.

The looks are sharp, the performance was quite impressive, and I rate the Ultra Products X-Finity 600W ATX PSU four out of five stars... "Recommended".

Final Rating (4 out of 5 stars):


Sharp looking housing
Strong and stable voltage rails


Low power efficiency wastes electricity and makes extra heat
More leads with fewer connectors on each would be more convenient
Plain/ugly cables don't match the theme of the stylish housing
A big power supply like this should have explicit support for PCIe graphics cards

Special thanks to Ultra Products for providing the X-Finity 600W ATX PSU to for review!

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to discuss this review.

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