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Evercool F117 Nighthawk VGA Cooler - Page 2 of 4
Posted: August 07, 2005
Author: mAnChO
Manufacturer: Evercool
Source: Evercool
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Features (continued):

The view from the front is probably the most spectacular, and it is easy to see why they have named it the F117. There is a plastic shroud covering the VGA cooler that resembles the state of the art fighter jet. Once you remove the top cover, you are able to see the fan. The fan is made of a clear plastic, and is quiet during operation. It is not loud enough to be heard above other system fans, nor does it provide a significant amount of additional noise.

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Looking at the RAM heat sinks it is easy to see that they are fairly simple in design. The bottom comes with a sticky glue that only requires you to peel off a protective film then paste it onto your memory. The tape is sticky enough to securely fasten the heat sink to the memory, with a slight amount of force they can be easily removed if necessary. The top has 32 fins protruding from it to provide the necessary cooling power, and airflow.

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Below is a closer look at the evenly spaced fins for maximum heat dissipation. Notice the organized nature of the fins which allows for maximum airflow between the fins.

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Even before beginning installation I discovered Evercool provides you with an online guide available here. It is nearly identical to the instructions provided but may come in handy if you should ever lose them. The instructions were fairly thorough in explaining everything that would confuse an everyday computer user. A couple of grammatical errors were found, but the pictures are by far the most useful piece of information. Pictured below are the instructions themselves, located on the inside of the packaging envelope.

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The board I used for the review is a GeForce 4 Ti4200 pictured below, notice the main GPU processor and the rectangular RAM memory.

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After spreading a thin layer of the provided compound it was time to attach the VC-F117 to the video card. The cooler uses large spacers and a bottom mounted bracket to securely lock itself into position. Pictured below is the compound and the back mounted bracket.

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