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Sunbeam Tech Lighting Mods - Page 1 of 5
Posted: January 20, 2005
Author: Hellfire
Manufacturer: Sunbeam Tech
Source: Sunbeam Tech
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From fans and lights to cables and even Molex plugs, there are many types of modification equipment available. A person should be careful when deciding to mod their machine. There are obstacles that can cause some mod items to not work in all situations. These obstacles could include; not having enough Molex connectors, no Molex pin extractor, or finding out that the CCFL light doesn't fit in the location you want it to. Sunbeam Tech has many mod items that help with these obstacles, and even some items that go above and beyond the typical mod items. Sunbeam Tech has provided a good selection of their mod items for review, including: a Four Port Minibaybus (four additional Molex connectors), tool-less Molex connector lights, LED projector, Night Magic (bendable LED cable), and LED Case Handle. Let's see what these items are all about...

-= Sunbeam Tech MiniBaybus =-

Technical Information (taken from the Sunbeam Tech website):

"Multi-channel and multi-indicator socket to tidy up your cables!!"


1 input, 4 outputs
5 Molexes with Blue LED indicators build-in
2 super bright LED indicators outside: red&green
Compatible to any 5~12V device
Easy installation

Interior LED indicators color:

Output1: Blue
Output2: Blue
Output3: Blue
Output4: Blue
Input: Blue


Input /Output: 5~12V
Exterior LED indicators: Green for 5V, Red for 12V
Dimensions: 10.5*5.7*2.6 CM (L*W*H)


1.Plug it to 4-Pin female Molex of your PSU
2.LED indicators lighting means successful connection. If one or two failed to light, please check your connection again.
3.Just paste the unit to case panel with base adhesive tape.

MiniBaybus Information:

The Minibaybus is packaged in a plastic snap-together pack. The unit itself was the only thing included in the package. On the back of the package are the installation instructions, which can also be found on the web site. If you've ever plugged in a surge protector or extension cord, then installation will be a total no-brainer for you.

Click Image For Larger View

As you can see, there isn't much to the unit. At the bottom is where you would plug in the Molex off of your power supply. The other ports are your expansion ports. This gives you 4 additional Molex connectors.

Click Image For Larger View

Once it's all plugged in and your system is booted up, the Minibaybus lights up. All of the Molex connectors are a blue color, and there are two other LED's next to the main power plug. A Green (5v power) and Red (12v power) indicators tells you the unit is working. This was the only issue I had with the unit, and it's a pretty minor issue. If you wanted to have a solid color for your case (I personally like blue), the green and red LED's are very bright. But if you use multi-color lights, this won't be an issue and will fit perfectly in your case.

Click Image For Larger View


With so many components needing Molex connections, this unit will come in handy to power all those fans, lights, and other items. With this unit being priced at $10.99, this is by far the easiest way to add some additional Molex connections!


Additional Molex Connections
Easy to use


Little Bulky
Red and Green LEDS throw off single color case schemes

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