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Sunbeam Tech Samurai ATX Case - Page 1 of 3
Posted: January 17, 2005
Author: Spire
Manufacturer: Sunbeam Tech
Source: Sunbeam Tech
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Sunbeam Tech began life in 2000 as a developer of CCFLs and since has moved into the field of cooling systems, lighting controllers, modding products and some incredible premodded computer cases (such as the recently reviewed Transformer). In this review we will take a look at the black version of the Sunbeam Tech Samurai case, which is also available in red and white. Samurai seems to be a popular name for cases, as just a few months ago the Raidmax version was reviewed here. Lets take a look at Sunbeam Tech's take on the Samurai...

First Impression:

The Sunbeam Tech Samurai arrived in a rather large box, well protected with Styrofoam blocks and wrapped in plastic. The exterior of the box showed some shipping damage and looks like it had been abused. Inside however, everything survived just fine. The structure of the case is steel with the front fascia created from plastic. The side cover has an interesting design with a clear plastic window riveted on. Just off center is a place for a single 80mm fan complete with a custom throwing star fan guard.

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Included inside the case was a small box with an assortment of parts. Inside one bag is a selection of brass motherboard standoffs. In the second bag is a selection of screws, a few more standoffs, 4 case feet with locking pins, a ferrite ring which I assume is for the case to motherboard wiring, a single wire tie with sticky-back mount and a small metal plate that allows the case to be locked. Also inside the box is a single PCI slot blank cover and a blank sheet of white paper folded like an instruction sheet.

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Closer Look:

The first thing you will notice about this case is the design of the front fascia. The front door integrates with the lower part of the case to create a warrior mask of sorts. Inside the “mouth” of the mask is a large round power button that lights up with 4 blue LED’s when the power is on. To the left of the big blue power button is a regular sized red hard drive activity LED, and to the right, a reset button. Just below that but still in the “mouth” area is a group of small perforations for an air intake. On the right side of the front cover are 2 USB ports, a headphone and microphone jack.

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Out back the case is stepped to facilitate the tooless PCI device system. Due to this step, the two 80mm fan-mounting areas have a plastic holder for the fans. This holder is snapped into place and held in with two screws. There is also a place up front to mount a single 80 mm fan.

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PCI cards are held in place by a unique clip system. From inside the case a small lever is pressed and the clip opens allowing the PCI card to be inserted. Once seated, the clip is pressed in from the back and snaps closed. This is the best system I have seen for tooless PCI card mounting. Some cases choose to use a single hold down to hold all the cards, problem with this is when you release the single mount, all things that don’t actually plug into a PCI slot fall out to the bottom of your case. This design uses one hold down per opening.

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