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Arctic Cooling Silentium T2 ATX Case - Page 3 of 4
Posted: February 13, 2005
Author: Hellfire
Manufacturer: Arctic Cooling
Source: Scythe USA
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Silentium T2 Internal Examination:

Removing the side panel you can see what else makes this case unique. At the top are two unique 80mm fans, and all cables are secured to the case so they are not hanging around the case, the power supply is pointed downwards in the front of the case. One last unique touch is the included aluminum hard drive enclosure.

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The AC plug at the back bottom of the case powers the power supply. The power cable is connected to the bottom of the case. With the hard drive enclosure cover removed you can slide the hard drive into the case.

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Looking closely at the power supply, you will notice they have some unique 80mm fans blowing cool air into the power supply. This is the only negative on this case. It's a proprietarily designed power supply, if you want a more powerful power supply or have a problem with this one, you have to contact Scythe for a replacement. You can also see how the aluminum hard drive enclosure is mounted to the case. To absorb any vibrations from your hard drive, the enclosure is suspended from some rubber bands. There are no screws used to mount a hard drive in the enclosure, you simply slide the drive into the enclosure with the ports to the opening of the enclosure. The cover keeps the hard drive from sliding out, and provides you access to the hard drive connections.

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At the top rear of the case is the main exhaust. There are two of Arctic Cooling's unique 80mm fans. There is nothing around the fan blades which helps lower the noise from high speed fans. I'm surprised at how well this design works, as there is very little noise from the fans at any speed. The only problem I have with this design is that since there is nothing covering the fan blades I am slightly concerned about cables being caught in the blades. This did not happen in my testing, so it might not even be a concern.

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This case is designed to be totally tool-less. To mount your drives, they have included several sets of rails. Usually you have to use screws to attach the rails to your drives, but not these. They snap into the screw holes, which allow you to slide the drives into place. They have provided enough rails to fill all the drive bays. There are two sets of hard drive mounts, two sets of CD Rom mounts, and one set of floppy drive mounts. They have also gone the extra step and provided you an extra set of rubber bands in case there you have a problem with the pre-installed bands for the hard drive enclosure. There are also six cable ties in case you need to route the cables in another position.
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Besides the proprietary power supply, the only other minor issue I had was that the interior of the case is very tight. There is very little extra room if you are installing a full size ATX motherboard. Also, all of the pre-installed cables are not very long, and are meant to reach their destination without much slack.

Once everything is installed, when you turn on the computer, you find there is very little noise coming from the case. This is because the unique design of the fans cause very little noise.

Here you can what it all looks like once you have it all installed. One thing I noticed is that there is very little noise coming from the case. This is because the unique design of the fans cause very little noise.

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