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Seasonic S12 500W Power Supply - Page 1 of 3
Posted: February 02, 2005
Author: JimBowy
Manufacturer: Seasonic
Source: Seasonic
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Power supplies are potentially the most important piece of hardware in your computer, and ones that neglect to supply the advertised voltage can result in system crashes and general instability. Today we will be evaluating the Seasonic S12 500W Power Supply, which includes just about everything you could expect in a complete package. The unit is stable, efficient, and handles a respectable, 500W load. The S12 contains the latest technology including: Active Power Correction (a power saving feature), Easy Swap connectors, SATA connectors, and supports pci-express videocards. When you consider the slight variations in voltage fluctuations this unit demonstrates, there is no doubt Seasonic was targeting the enthusiast market when designing this power supply.

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Company Profile (taken from Seasonic website):

"Since the incorporation of Sea Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd. in 1975, we have maintained our focus on research and development and the production of quality power conversion products.

For the past decades, supported by cutting edge technology based upon a strong research and development team, Sea Sonic Electronics has provided timely and professional solutions to meet many of the IT industry's requirements.

In the year 2000, Sea Sonic Electronics successfully entered the telecommunication and networking power conversion market. At the same time, we expanded our manufacturing facility to provide JIT global logistics service in order to meet our increased business demand.

For the future, we will continue our philosophy of dedication, innovation, professionalism and 4G's (Great Technology, Great Quality, Great Service & Great Price) in order to maintain our goal of continued long-term business partnerships and create "win-win" situations for our customers."

Product Packaging:

The Seasonic S12 power supply comes well packaged in the large box pictured below. Bubble wrap protects the black textured-finish and keeps moisture out of the power supply. As you can see, many items are included along with the S12. The box contents include: the power supply, power cable, 24 to 20-pin adapter, instructions, warranty card, case fan controller cable, and a cable management kit.

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Product Specifications & Features:

The specifications and features of the Seasonic SS-500HT Active PFC F3 500W are listed below:


Model: SS-500HT Active PFC F3
Input Frequency: 50/60Hz
In-rush current, cold start: 80A max
Hold up time, full load: 16ms typical
Efficiency at normal input voltage: > 70%
Efficiency at AC 115v 60Hz: 74% typical
Efficiency at AC 230v 50Hz: 77% typical
Dielectric withstand, input to frame/ground: 1800VAC, 1 sec
Dielectric withstand, input to output: 1800VAC, 1 sec
Line regulation: +/- 1% typical
Load regulation: +/- 5% typical
Cross regulation: +/- 5% typical
Ripple/noise: 1%
MTBF, full load @ 25 degrees C excluding the DC fan: >100k hrs
Power Factor Correction: Active PFC: 99% typical
DC Output (+3.3V): 30A
DC Output (+5V): 30A
DC Output (+12V1): 17A
DC Output (+12V2): 16A
DC Output (-12V): 0.8A
DC Output (+5Vsb): 2A
Total Power: 500W

Most of the provided specifications are typical of a 500W power supply. However, consumers should take note the APF (Active Power Factor) functionality of this unit. Seasonic demonstrates on their data sheet that this power supply is up to 12% more efficient than the average power supply. This means less energy is wasted (released as heat) as the device converts standard alternating current into the direct current computers require. This means you can expect to save money on your electric bill in addition to releasing less heat into your computer case as the current is converted from AC to DC.

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