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Acousti Products Ultra Quiet Low Vibration Dust Proof Cooling Fans - Page 1 of 2
Posted: August 25, 2005
Author: mAnChO
Manufacturer: Acousti Products
Source: Quiet PC
Purchase: Quiet PC
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An adequate cooling system is necessary to ensure a temperature controlled working environment for even the smallest of systems. With fans generally being the most common of cooling devices, many factors come into play when designing your system. Noise, air volume throughput, longevity, and even dust prevention are now becoming things to consider when choosing the fans that are right for you and your system. Today we take a look at the Acousti Products Ultra Quiet Low Vibration Dust Proof Cooling Fans, along with their Soft Silicone Fan Gaskets and Anti-Vibration Silicone Case Feet. All are means of further enhancing the system's cooling performance and quieting overall case noise.

Considering the focus Acousti Products places on quieting computer systems, it is no surprise that their items can be found for sale at Quiet PC. Quiet PC is an international online retailer of quiet computing components, a long time friend to, and the sponsor of this review.

Company Profile (Taken from the Acousti Products website):

"Acousti Products began because we set out to reduce the noise emanating from our own computers! Noise in our own (otherwise fairly quiet) working environment was irritating and distracting. As Quiet PC say.. we needed to 'hear ourselves think'!

We first replaced noisy components with quiet equivalents (like silent PSU's and quiet processor coolers, silent hard disk drives etc.). We had caught the quietness bug. Not satisfied, we then tried looking for some suitable sound-proofing materials to line the inside of our PC cases..."

"Acousti Products is committed to nothing but the highest standards of support for our staff and customers. Our goal for our end-users is complete enjoyment of the products that we manufacture, or rather, the enjoyment of other products but a great deal quieter! "

It is also worth noting that Acousti Products is also committed to supporting Charitable Organizations. Computers for Charities and The Woodland Trust are just two of the charities Acousti Products has recently donated funds too. Not only do they donate funds, they are also environmentally friendly using no paper or cardboard at all whenever possible. All natural 100% recycled paper and cardboard are used for all aspects of the operation when need be. They have eliminated paper all together through electronic transactions and also using bio degradable box tape.

Product Specifications and Features:

• Ultra-quiet operation
• Premium build quality (you need to feel the quality of these fans!)
• Triple speed (using the '3-speed' fan cable accessory)
• Sealed fan motor for dust-free operation & reduced noise
• Multiple application (can be used for CPU/GPU or case cooling)
• RPM-monitoring enabled
• Reliable with a long life expectancy (over 6yrs @ 25°C!)
• Start at lower voltages for near silent operation (min. 5VDC)
• Unique rear 'acoustic' badge for added noise reduction
• 3-pin & 4-pin compatible (with 3-speed fan accessory cable)
• Life expectancy - 60,000 hours (6.85 years) @25C

Specifications below are for 80mm and 92mm fans respectively...

• Full Speed (12VDC)
   • Air Volume Throughput CFM ±10%: 19.9 28.0
   • Acoustic Performance (DIN45635 @1m) dBA: 15.6 22.0
   • Fan Speed RPM ±10%: 1,600 1,600
• Medium Speed (approx. 7.5VDC)
   • Air Volume Throughput CFM ±10%: 11.7 17.4
   • Acoustic Performance (DIN45635 @1m) dBA: <10 <10
   • Fan Speed RPM ±10%: 1,000 950
• Low Speed (5VDC)
   • Air Volume Throughput CFM ±10%: 5.7 10.1
   • Acoustic Performance (DIN45635 @1m) dBA: <10 <10
   • Fan Speed RPM ±10%: 500 550

Product Packaging:

Shown below is the sturdy package that allowed the products I received to navigate the mail system and arrive undamaged to me, the consumer. Also shown below is the individual packaging for each fan along with the included hardware.

Click Image For Larger View Click Image For Larger View

Seen here is the packaging for the Soft Silicone Fan Gaskets and Anti-Vibration Silicone Case Feet. Nothing very flashy but it gets the job done.

Click Image For Larger View Click Image For Larger View

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