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Gigabyte GV-R96X128D Radeon 9600XT VGA Card - Page 3 of 3
Posted: April 01, 2004
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Gigabyte
Source: N/A - Search for Best Deal

Testing (continued):


Another Futuremark benchmark, 3DMark2001SE is the predecessor to 3DMark03, and provides results in the same, unitless "Marks". As shown below, the 9600XT puts up impressive scores with "No AA" (higher is better)...

3dMark2001SE was then run again with anti aliasing set to "2x AA". As shown below, the 9600XT continues to dominate (higher is better)...


The Hard|OCP developed benchmark centered on the game UT2K3 was run next. The first round of testing involved running the br-anubis demo at a resolution of 1024x768...

The same test was then repeated at a resolution of 1280x960...

In both cases, it can be seen that the 9600XT continues to prove it is worth the extra money over the plain Jane 9600 (results are frames-per-second, and higher is better).


PCMark04 is another Futuremark benchmark that reports scores in unitless Marks. This benchmark reports on the overall system performance, and as shown below, the score for the entire computer is greatly enhanced by swapping out the 9600 for the 9600XT...

PowerDVD VGA Speed:

Kind of an offbeat benchmark, this one is included with the PowerDVD software suite, and can be used to benchmark 2D performance, as experienced in DVD playback. The results below are from the 'YUY2' portion, and show not much difference between the two cards. Included in the results are two other cards, an old GeForce4 MX440 and the onboard video found on a VIA Nehemiah M10000 motherboard, which show that you will never need to worry about any one of these cards causing choppiness in DVD playback...


Although it was never the latest and greatest offering in the video card world, the Radeon 9600XT fills a needed niche, offering above average performance for far less money than the high end cards on the market. The Gigabyte GV-R96X128D has a stylish appearance (although based on the reference design), performs admirably in benchmarks, and has plenty of potential for overclocking.

The Gigabyte GV-R96X128D Radeon 9600XT comes bundled with a decent selection of software titles that ensure the purchaser at least has something to take the card for a test drive with. That said, the titles aren't anything to get excited about, in my opinion, and don't include any of the big names you now see shipping with some cards.

At the time of this review, the Gigabyte GV-R96X128D Radeon 9600XT can be had for under $170 (and falling), which makes it attractive to those not ready to drop the big bucks on the 9800XT, or similar cards. But, as compared to other 9600XT cards, the Gigabyte variety can not compare on price when matched up to comparable cards from other manufacturers. The list below links to a few online outlets that carry this card...

Final Rating (4.5 out of 5 stars):


Solid performance for the money
Software includes overclocking utility
Stylish design


Weak game bundle
Not the cheapest 9600XT on the market

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