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PrimoChill ICE UV Blue Water Cooling Fluid
Author: dadx2mj
Manufacturer: PrimoChill
Source: Voyeur Mods
Purchase: Voyeur Mods
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PrimoChill ICE UV Blue Water Cooling Fluid
November 11, 2005


Many of the claims make about PrimoChill ICE can not be tested in the confines of this review, such as longer pump life and reducing internal build up. So we will focus on how it affects the cooling properties of the water cooling system. claims a 2-5 Celsius drop in CPU temperatures with the use of PrimoChill ICE. With this system running at an average CPU temperature of 52 degrees Celsius while under a full CPU load from Folding@Home, anything that would help lower the temperature would be greatly welcomed.

The graph below shows that in our test system PrimoChill ICE did meet's claims for improving the performance of the water cooling system in our test bed computer. CPU load was achieved by running Folding@Home, and temperatures were taken with a digital thermal probe.

As the chart shows, the PrimoChill ICE lowered the temperature by almost 3 degrees across the board. This type of drop in temperature could be expected on any system, as the chip used may be old, but it is also hotter than many modern chips.

PrimoChill ICE is UV reactive, unfortunately the only UV lighting I had available was a fluorescent UV light and I was not able to do photographic justice to the glow effect from the PrimoChill ICE.

Click Image For Larger View

For those with a color scheme that doesn't work with UV Blue, carries PrimoChill ICE in a variety of colors (UV Blue, UV Red, UV Green), as well as clear.


PrimoChill ICE performs as advertised, with a noticeably lower temperature in our test system. Given the slick oily feel, and the fact that PrimoChill ICE lived up to the claims regarding lower temperatures, I am inclined to believe that it will also live up to the claims of longer pump life and reduced internal build up in any water cooling system. $19.95 seems like a lot to lay out for something that is meant to replace water, but given the improvement in cooling, the promise of extended pump life, and the eye candy of the UV glow, it seems a reasonable value to me. Shopping around shows that other "mod shops" carry PrimoChill ICE for about the same price, so is definitely competitive in that sense.

I give PrimoChill ICE 4 out of 5 stars for living up to's claims of lower temperatures.

Final Rating (4 out of 5 stars):


Lowered temperatures
Longer pump life
Reduces internal build up in water cooling systems
Available in a variety of colors, plus clear
Compatible with all water cooling systems


A lot more expensive than water

Special thanks to for providing the PrimoChill ICE UV Blue Water Cooling Fluid to for review!

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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