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Cooler Master iGreen Power 500W Power Supply Unit
Author: Hellfire
Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Source: Cooler Master
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Cooler Master iGreen Power 500W Power Supply Unit
May 31, 2006

The Basics (continued):

Next we have the top of the power supply which you will most likely never see once installed, unless you have a clear case. This area is plain and again it has a flawless finish. In my opinion, this would be a better place for the voltage sticker than the side of the power supply. Here it would still provide you the information if you needed it, however it could allow your case to look a little nicer.

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Here you can see where the cables exit the power supply. Cooler Master did not use anything to reinforce the cables, and they brush against the power supply housing. A little piece of plastic would be nice to help protect the cables, but this area is not sharp and I do not forsee any issue of the cables being cut (at least not through normal use). You can also see that Cooler Master did a great job at wrapping each of the cables. The cable wrapping begins close to the power supply housing, and goes all the way to the connectors. The entire cable is wrapped, including the sections between each of the connectors. One end of the cable wrap was pulled out of the heat shrink tube. I was able to put it back behind the tubing and a simple cable tie would prevent this from happening.

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As you can see here, Cooler Master completed the cable wrapping at the connectors. The cables are kept separate, and are nicely organized so cables that you do not use can easily be separated from the others so you can put them out of the way. The cables are pretty long and I had no issues reaching any location within my Thermaltake Tai-Chi full tower case. I was able to reach the bottom of the case with the first SATA connection on the cable, with two connections left. The PCI Express cables are long enough to reach both video cards, however there was not much slack left in the cable for routing.

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