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X2gen MG19R8 19" TFT LCD Display
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: X2gen
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X2gen MG19R8 19
June 04, 2006

LCD monitors have advanced greatly over the last few years and are now pretty much the only reasonable choice for most computing applications. Features such as price, response time, resolution, dot pitch, and overall quality (including generally accepted defective pixel count) have all improved to the point that CRTs have no real advantage. Just a few years ago a large LCD (19 inches or more) was going to cost you a small fortune, perhaps $1000 (US) or more. Now a decent 19" LCD shouldn't cost you more than $300, and with all the players in the market, the prices seem to be continuing downward.

The LCD monitor up for review today represents one of the vast number of brands you may have never heard of before, but with a highly attractive price you may be wondering if it is worth taking a chance on it. The X2gen MG19R8 19" TFT LCD Display comes to us from offering attractive styling, modern features, and above all else an excellent price tag.

The regular price on the website is $219.00, but I have seen this unit on sale a few times for less than $200. It must be popular, because as of right now it is actually sold out! However, the LCD monitor selection is really large at these days, and even includes a few other sizes from X2Gen to consider.

We will check out how well the display performs, but first let's take a look at some of the published data from the website...

Features and Specifications:

General Features:
Black housing
Panel Size Type: 19-inch TFT LCD
Viewable image: 18-inch
Pixel dimension: 0.264 mm
Maximum Resolution: 1280 x 1024 @ 75 Hz
Response Time: 13 ms
Contrast Ratio: 400:1 (typical)
Brightness: 300 cd
Display Colors: 16.2 million colors
Glass covered LCD panel
Built-in stereo speakers
VESA mount ready
EnergyStar compliant
15-pin VGA connector
Audio connection
VESA compatible for mounting (4-inch (100 mm))

Power Specifications:
Input: 12V, 4.2A

Checking the specifications reveals a few interesting bits. What interests me most is the respectable response time of 13ms. I have several other LCD monitors from "major brands" that range from 8ms, to 16ms, and up into the mid-20ms range. It will be interesting to see how well the X2gen model does in gaming. Also of interest are a few specifications that paint the picture of this being a middle of the road device... The values for pixel dimension, contrast ratio, and brightness are all fairly mundane, as is the fact that it only provides a 15-pin VGA connection. We'll be sure to note whether these items hinder the enjoyment of this display!

For those seeking a bit more information on X2gen, I offer the introductory blurb from their "About Us" page which may or may not actually help...

The organization of the top 14 OEM producers has culminated in the formation of our organization. Computer World Solution, Inc. represents this organization throughout the Western markets, in North and South America, emphasizing U.S. and Canada. In addition to the recent addition of Europe, Africa, Russia and Australia markets, X2gen is finally gaining market penetration throughout the World. The brand X2gen has found global presents and has achieved recognition, as an accepted name in the LCD Monitor and TV product categories. X2gen has its core competency in LCD TV and LCD Monitors.

With all that said, let's take a look at the monitor on hand...

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