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AC Ryan RyanPower2 550W Modular PSU - Page 1 of 3
Posted: February 20, 2005
Author: Spire
Manufacturer: AC Ryan
Source: AC Ryan
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The days of buying a case with a power supply already included that will power the latest technology are over. Flimsy, cheap power supplies just wont cut it. Modern cutting edge systems will be running SATA hard drives, PCI Express graphics cards and many other power hungry components.

AC Ryan, a relative newcomer known for making some interesting PC modding supplies has come up with a modular power supply that fits right in with the rest of their mod friendly lineup. AC Ryan sent over their newest power supply, the Ryanpower2 cableFREE 550W ACtivePFC in black. AC Ryan gives this power supply the model number ACR-PS2100.

Features (from the AC Ryan website):

• CableFREE with built in connectors: 1x 24pin, 1x P4-12V 4 pin, 4X Molex 4 pin, 2x fan 3pin
• Conductx Lite Black included as standard: Flexsleeve black sleeved & Connectx Black connectors
   • 1x 24-pin to ATX 20 pin extension cable
   • 1x P4-12V to P4-12V extension cable
   • 1x Molex 4 pin extension cable for Drives & Floppy (3x T-Molex, 1x Floppy)
   • 2x Molex 4 pin extension cable for lights/ fans/ others (3x Molex)
   • 1x Molex 4 pin to SATA extension cable (2x T-SATA)
   • 1x Fan 3 pin Quad Splitter cable, (4x Fan 3 pin)
   • 1x PCI-Express power cable
• Total 8 high performance and styling Conductx Lite Black cables included as standard for your superior system!
• Total 9x Molex 4 pin, 4x fan 3 pin, 2x SATA, 1x PCI-Express power connectors!
• Latest ATX ver1.3 specification certified
• ATX-GES ready, EPS12V ready, BTX ready
• Simply purchase a new AC Ryan conductx for CableFREE for should you decide to change to new BTX system (or any other new system) in future
• 110-240V autoswitching
• ActivePFC
• Over-current / voltage protection, under-current / voltage protection, short circuit protection
• Dual Silent Fan 80mm / 92mm
• All-Black look incl. Black grills, black screws
• 2 year warranty

Specifications (from power supply label):

• AC Input: Auto-switching 100-240V 50/60Hz 4A/8A
• DC Output:
   • +3.3V 32A max/ 5.0A min
   • +5V 35A max/ 1.0A min
   • +12V 30A max/ 0.5A min
   • -12V 0.5A max/ 0.1A min
   • +5Vsb 2.0A max/ 0.1A min
• Max total power 550 Watts
• ActivePFC power factor correction value > .95
• Overload/Overpower/Short circuit Protection

First Impression:

Very little information about AC Ryan is available at their website, but checking the shipping label on the box shows the Ryanpower2 was shipped from The Netherlands. The exterior box was in decent shape considering the distance it traveled, but the product box itself did not fare as well. It appears that the box was overstuffed. The seams were bulging and things did not fit in very well. This is probably an issue that will never happen again, but something I did notice. The pictures below show the box and the contents.

Click Image For Larger View Click Image For Larger View

The Ryanpower2 is shipped with a power cord (happened to be a European cord in this instance), 4 mounting screws, a few black wire ties, a fairly complete instruction manual, and a Conductx lite black set of power leads.

Click Image For Larger View Click Image For Larger View

Upon unpacking everything I noticed some damage on the power supply itself. It appears that the damage to the product box also showed up as a dent in the case of the supply. The pictures below show that dent. The damage is on the side of the power supply that mounts to a case. This had me concerned that mounting would be difficult.

Click Image For Larger View Click Image For Larger View

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