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Crucial Gizmo! Overdrive 1GB USB Flash Drive
Author: JimBowy
Manufacturer: Crucial
Source: Crucial
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Crucial Gizmo! Overdrive 1GB USB Flash Drive
March 30, 2006

Remember the days when floppy diskettes were the only suitable way to transfer data between two computers? How about when you had to compress your files, or worse yet, span your data onto multiple floppies? Thankfully within the last several years this problem has virtually disappeared with the introduction of thumb drive technology. The technology really has made transferring data from computer to computer a breeze. If you use a computer from time to time you will soon realize the benefits of this compact storage device, whether you're at work or school.

Today we will analyze the performance of the Crucial Gizmo! 1GB USB Flash Drive. Along with the data security the Gizmo! Secure provides, this little package boasts some of the fastest data transfers we have seen at

Company Profile (taken from Crucial website):

"The Crucial story starts with Micron Technology, Inc., one of the largest dynamic random access memory (DRAM) manufacturers in the world and the only one based in the U.S. Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, Micron manufactures DRAM chips and assembles them into high-quality memory modules for sale to original equipment manufacturers ("OEMs") worldwide. Over the past 26 years, Micron has learned that when you make some of the very best memory in the world, lots of companies want it, from computer makers to wireless device manufacturers to printer producers. (And we're really glad that they do!) But then Micron asked, well, what about the end user? What about the everyday folks who want to upgrade their existing systems with OEM-quality memory—the home desktop user, the IT network guy, the student notebook user? Why don't we offer our memory to the public, at factory-direct pricing? So in 1996, Micron responded to a growing demand for high-quality memory upgrades among end users who wanted the best possible performance from their systems. Micron launched Crucial Technology in November of that year, and for the first time, end users had the opportunity to buy directly from the manufacturer the same memory modules bought by the world's major OEMs for original installation in their systems. Having a direct sales division focused on selling Micron's DRAM to the public was apparently an idea whose time had come, and eight successful years later, we have expanded our product line to include graphics cards, flash cards and readers, and USB flash drives."

Product Specifications & Features:

As with most of the thumb drives being manufactured today, the Crucial Gizmo! 1GB USB Flash Drive takes advantage of high-speed USB 2.0 adapters. The most notable features of the Gizmo! include the dual-channel controller (designed to reduce the time to perform read/write operations) and a built-in security software known as "PortableVault", which allows users to protect their data using 256Kb "Blowfish-level" encryption.

Listed below are the specifications for the Crucial Gizmo! 1GB USB Flash Drive:

Specifications (taken from the Crucial website, pdf):

» Write Speed: 13MB/s
» Read Speed: 25MB/s
» Controller: Dual-Channel
» Capacity: 1GB
» Physical Size: 68mm x 20 mm
» Warranty: Limited Lifetime

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