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OCZ 1024MB EL Gold GX XTC PC3500 Dual Channel DDR
Author: Spire
Manufacturer: OCZ
Source: OCZ
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OCZ 1024MB EL Gold GX XTC PC3500 Dual Channel DDR
January 03, 2006

Memory is an essential component of any computer system, and one that can impact performance greatly depending on quality. OCZ sells DDR memory products for any budget, from their entry level "Value" series up to their enthusiast grade "Gold", "Platinum", and "Titanium" series. A fairly new offering in the Gold series of OCZ DDR provides an innovative twist on design, while offering a low latency dual channel DDR kit rated at PC3500 speeds. In this review we will take a look at the 1024MB EL Gold GX XTC PC3500 Dual Channel DDR, pictured in the promotional image below.

Background Information (from the OCZ website):

Entering the memory market in August 2000, OCZ Technology was built around the determination to manufacture the best high speed DDR and RDRAM. OCZ was founded by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, and our commitment to the end-user has not digressed. OCZ Technology has been an innovator in many areas. We were the first manufacturer to make Dual Channel optimized memory available to the public, which originally took advantage of nVidia's Twinbank or Dual DDR architecture, found in their nForce chipset. We have now taken that technology and tailored it for the Canterwood, and Granite Bay chipset's. OCZ developed and was the first to implement ULN technology, which has been a critical element in our manufacturing process for some time. We at OCZ diligently work to improve communication with CPU and motherboard chipset manufacturers prior to the release of their products. Only in this manner can we fine-tune our memory's SPD settings, ensuring a synergistic relationship between the memory module, memory controller, and microprocessor. In today's rapidly evolving semiconductor industry, such communication is not simply research, but a necessary component of our manufacturing process.

Specifications (from the OCZ website):

433MHz DDR
Gold Layered XTC Heatspreader
Lifetime Warranty
2.8 Volts
184 Pin DIMM

The Basics:

OCZ was kind enough to send over their new 1024MB EL Gold GX XTC PC3500 Dual Channel DDR, and like the name says, it is a dual channel kit of their Gamer Xtreme Low Latency PC3500 with the new XTC heatsink design, part of OCZ's Gold line. Official part number is OCZ4331024ELGEGXT-K.

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