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NHJ MPM-201 30GB MPEG4 Personal Video Recorder
Author: Hellfire
Manufacturer: NHJ Limited
Source: Geeks.com
Purchase: Geeks.com
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NHJ MPM-201 30GB MPEG4 Personal Video Recorder
December 20, 2005

While the demand for portable music is at an all time high, the next stage in the portable entertainment market is video. Apple recently released the 5th generation iPod that allows video, and while this technically isn't a new ability, it has finally brought it to the general publics' attention. There are alternatives to the iPod Video; one of those alternatives is the NHJ Limited MPM-201 MPEG4 Personal Video Recorder.

NHJ Limited is not very well known in the US; they have only been selling their equipment here since 2003. In other parts of the world, they have been selling digital cameras and audio players since 2000. The MPM-201 is one of their latest products, and not only incorporates audio, video and photo capabilities, but also TV viewing and recording. The MPM-201 is available in a 30GB and a 60GB version, and Geeks.com has sent over the 30GB version for review.

Features and Specifications (taken from the Geeks.com website):

General Features:
30 GB hard drive
USB 2.0 interface
MPEG4 playback
Video recording and playback
Audio recording and playback
MP3 playback
3.5-inch TFT LCD screen w/480 x 234 pixels
NTSC/PAL standard
TV function and recording
Secure Digital/CompactFlash card slot

Technical Specifications:
MPEG4 + IMA ADPCM (AVI) 640 x 480 @ 30 fps
MPEG4 + MP3 (AVI) 640 x 480 @ 30 fps
MP3/WMA (IMA ADCPM) playback
32 Kbps - 320 Kbps bit rate MP3 playback
16 KHz - 48 KHz sampling rate
JPEG (EXIF 2.2) image playback
Video + Audio recording: MPEG4 + IMA ADCPM (AVI)
Audio Recording: WAV (IMA ADCPM)
Power Adapter (100-240V 50-60Hz)
Battery Life: Video - 3.0 hours; Audio - 6.0 hours

Unit Dimensions:
Player: 5.52 x 3.1 x 1.2-inches (L x W x H)
Cradle: 6.46 x 3.14 x 2.21-inches (L x W x H)
Weight: 288.6 g (0.63 lbs)

Check out the Geeks.com website for a complete list of features and specifications... Let's get on with the review.

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