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Kingston HyperX 2GB PC3200 Dual Channel DDR Kit
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Kingston
Source: Kingston
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Kingston HyperX 2GB PC3200 Dual Channel DDR Kit
February 01, 2006

Kingston Technology Company, Inc. was founded in 1987 with a single product to offer and now they have over 2000. The product line of most interest to gamers and performance PC enthusiasts is the HyperX series. HyperX DDR memory has been a popular choice for years, offering lower latencies, advanced clock speeds, 100% factory testing, and a reassuring lifetime warranty.

With single and dual channel memory packages available in speeds from PC2700 to PC4300, and sizes from 256MB to 1024MB, the HyperX line should have a high performance module for any DDR based system. Up for review this time around we have the HyperX KHX3200AK2/2G. What that part number translates into is a 2048MB (2x 1024MB) kit of PC3200 dual channel DDR.

When Kingston was contacted about sponsoring this review, they agreed to send me a kit of their HyperX KHX3200K2/2G (notice the "A" missing from the part number listed in the previous paragraph). I proceeded with the review assuming I had what was discussed, which apparently was incorrect. The Kingston site only lists one 2GB PC3200 kit available, so it seemed reasonable to assume I received what they offered. It wasn't until new forum member dracos took a look at the review out of curiosity, since he has a set of the newer KHX3200AK2/2G. Details of the discrepancy will be discussed as we proceed.

Before putting the sample provided for review to the test, let's see what kind of information the Internet has to offer on the Kingston HyperX 2GB PC3200 Dual Channel DDR Kit.

Features and Specifications of the KHX3200K2/2G Kit:

» Configuration: Two 128M x 64-bit 1GB (1024MB)
» Components of Each Module: 16M x 8-bit x 4 Bank / 200MHz, 5ns
» Speed: DDR400 (PC3200)
» Voltage: +2.6V
» Timing Reference: 2.5-3-3-7-1
» PCB Height: 1.250" (34.75mm)
» High Performance Heat Spreader
» Tested: At published speeds on high-end Advantest® memory testers
» Warranty Length: Lifetime warranty

The specifications of the KHX3200K2/2G Kit are listed above as they are the only ones listed on the Kingston site. Although Kingston looked at (and answered a few questions about) this review prior to release, they apparently didn't notice I didn't know I had reviewed this stuff as a different part number. The only information I have on this "A" version of the kit is from forum member dracos, who says he is aware that the timings are the following: "3-3-3-8 at +2.6V / 2-3-2-6 at +2.65V". A definite improvement over the kit I believed I received, but we'll see how they pan out in testing.


The Kingston HyperX HyperX 2GB PC3200 Dual Channel DDR Kit is sold in the plastic packaging shown below. Adequate enough to keep everything together, and I appreciate not having to hack the packaging to bits to get at the memory inside. Speaking of whats inside, we get a sneak peek at the blue heatspreader at this point, and the label describes the basic specifications for the DDR on hand. If you look closely you'll see that it lists these as CL2, which jives with the unpublished specifications for the KHX3200AK2/2G kit.

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