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Cooler Master Centurion 532 Case
Author: Spire
Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Source: Cooler Master
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Cooler Master Centurion 532 Case
March 13, 2006

Back around the middle of 2002, I was looking to upgrade. One of the things I was tired of was cheap, bland, plastic cases. I was in the market for a high-end computer case that I could use for many generations. After tons of research, I ended up buying a Cooler Master ATCS aluminum case. This case had everything I could have wanted, a removable motherboard tray, top mounted blowhole, and space for extra hard drives and fans. Cooler Master also sold some great looking aluminum optical drive "stealth covers" that would match perfectly.

I am still using that case today for my primary machine. It has had 8 motherboards, 5 video cards, many different optical drives, hard drives, fans, and other assorted goodies installed in it. I have not found a case that I liked better so far.

As time has gone by, a few minor things have changed in computer cases that have me thinking it might be time to upgrade again. The fan size has shifted to quieter 120mm fans, cooling has gotten better, and I was unable to install one of the larger power supplies like the 600 Watt OCZ Powerstream. It just wouldn't fit.

I have been keeping an eye out for a case that fit my new criteria, must be able to hold a large power supply, have mounting for at least two 120mm fans, look great, and intake air filtering might also be nice.

Having good luck with Cooler Master cases, I was looking forward to checking out the case they sent over, the Centurion 532. From an initial look, this might become the case to replace my 4-year-old Cooler Master ATCS.

Specifications - (from the Cooler Master website):

» Dimensions: L495 x W235 x H460mm
» Weight: 10kg
» Material: Aluminum bezel, SECC chassis
» M/B Type: ATX: 12, Micro-ATX
» 5.25 Drive Bay: 5 (exposed)
» 3.5 Drive Bays: 1 (Exposed); 4 (Hidden)
» Cooling System:
   » One 120 x 120 x 25mm front fan 1200rpm, 22dBA (intake) (LED)
   » One 120 x 120 x 25mm rear fan 1200rpm, 22dBA (exhaust) (Opt)
» Power Supply: Standard ATX PS2, 380W support LGA 775 (Opt)


The CM Centurion 532 came packed in the standard Cooler Master Brown cardboard box with details printed on the outside. In the lower right corner of the first picture, you can see in the options chart that the specific case I will be looking at did not come with the optional power supply, or the windowed side cover. Inside, the case is wrapped in a plastic bag and protected on the top and bottom by molded Styrofoam.

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