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Cooler Master Aquagate Mini R80 Water Cooler
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Cooler Master
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Cooler Master Aquagate Mini R80 Water Cooler
December 06, 2005

Cooler Master was founded over a decade ago with the initial focus of creating high quality computer cooling solutions. They still manage to do that, but have expanded their line-up to also market cases, drives enclosures, multi-function panels, and power supplies. One of their newer cooling solutions, the Aquagate Mini R80 water cooler, comes to for review from a much younger company. opened for business in August 2005, and has quickly developed a solid reputation for low prices and great service on cutting edge tech products.

The Cooler Master Aquagate Mini R80 is shown in the promotional image above, and it can be seen that this water cooler is a compact system designed to cool just a CPU. Everything comes pre-plumbed, with all the necessary components included (even cooling fluid). Simplicity is definitely a good thing, but this review will see how the performance weighs in as well.

Before taking a look at the specific unit provided for review, let's have a look at some of the published features and specifications...


• Easy-install Combo:
   • For a more convenient installation, the Combo includes a water block set, radiator, fan, thermal grease, anti-icing fluid, and a water pipe. All of the parts you need are readily available, thereby cutting installation steps and saving your time.

• Adaptable to many different processors:
   • Universal retention module for Intel® Pentium® 4 (Socket 478/LGA 775), Xeon® (Socket 603/604),Celeron® (Socket 478), Celeron® D Socket 478/LGA775), AMD Sempron™ (Socket A/754), Athlon™ XP (Socket A), and Athlon™ 64 (Socket 754/939/940) processors.

• High cooling performance:
   • Copper-based water block for excellent heat dissipation
   • Selectable high-performance radiator with 80 x 120 x 45 mm (Designed for chassis with 80x80)
   • Enlarged radiator for higher heat transfer efficiency

• High reliability:
   • Low evaporation ratio thanks to special opaque and heat-resistant elements in the pipe
   • No refills of anti-icing fluid for two years guaranteed (Testing environment: Ambient temperature 45? and humidity 50%)
   • ATTENTION: Warranty void if any preinstalled components are removed

• Longer life expectancy:
   • Fan-restart function: a self-protective feature that allows the device to smoothly initiate a restart if the fan malfunctions
   • Fan speed control: Selectable super-silent 80 x 80 x 25 mm VR fan (1,800 ~ 3,800 R.P.M.)
• Design patent information (patent pending):

   • Three-in-one module (pump, tank and CPU water block) saves time and is more convenient


• Dimension of Base: 70 x 85 x 23 mm
• Bearing of Pump: NCB (Nano-millimeter Ceramic Bearing)
• Fan Dimension: 80 x 80 x 25 mm
• Fan Speed: 1,800 ~ 3,800 R.P.M.
• Air flow: 53.499 CFM
• Air pressure: 8.658 mm-H2O
• Fan Noise: 24.4 ~37.9 dBA
• Fan Bearing Type: Long life sleeve bearing
• Radiator Material: Aluminum Alloy
• Radiator Dimension: 80 x 120 x 45 mm
• Pipe Dimension 300 mm x 2

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