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SilenX 400w Pro iXtrema PSU - Page 1 of 2
Posted: April 26, 2004
Author: JimBowy
Manufacturer: SilenX
Source: SilenX

This device promises a blend of near-silent performance and strong voltage rails. Brought to you by SilenX, the iXtrema 400W Power supply is something to take notice. Without sacrificing on quality, SilenX does a great job at making the quiet PC possible. Most computer enthusiasts are aware the havoc a weak power supply can cause a system. The inconsistencies and fluctuations in voltage can be very hard on your electrical components, especially for hard disks. Still, new system builders often skimp on this seemingly unimportant device and are then confused when system instability and system crashes randomly occur.

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Company Profile (taken from SilenX website):

SilenX began as a system integrator in southern California building computers for small to mid size corporations and home end-users. Since 1995, we have specialized in developing high end systems utilizing the latest technology. As a result of focusing on higher end systems, we have always had a need to build systems with high end cases and high quality cooling equipment. Our experience in the business allow us to practice quality service and support to our customers. Since we have made our debut online, we have been delivering trust and customer satisfaction with every order.

Product Packaging:

The SilenX 400W power supply comes packaged in a sturdy box filled to the top with packaging peanuts and comes tightly sealed in a plastic bag. The device is well protected and there's no reason to believe rough shipping could damage this product. The complete package weighs under five pounds, so don't expect hefty shipping charges either.

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Product Specifications and Features:

Here are the specifications and features as described on the SilenX website. This information would be more useful if posted in both the user manual and the website.


Passive PFC Circuit
Low Noise (< 14 dBA fan)
Load based fan control
400W output
Meets ATX 2.10 specs
UL, CE, FCC Compliant
AMD/P4 Supported
100k hours @ 25C MTBF
80mm Hypro Bearing Exhaust fan
Silicone vibration damping fan mounts
Short circuit protection on outputs


Input: 115/230V @ 50/60 Hz
Output: 400W
3.3V 30.0A
5.0V 32.0A
12.0V 18.0A
< 5% Load regulation
< 1% Line regulation
Efficiency: 75% under load
Over Voltage Protection: 3.3V/4, 5V/6, 12V/14
Over Power Protection: 105%~150% of max load


1x 20-pin ATX Motherboard connector
1x 4-pin Extended ATX 12V power plug (for P4)
6x Hard disk connectors
1x Floppy disk connector
1x 6-pin Auxiliary plug
2x 15-pin Serial ATA connectors


First, we begin by checking out the external features of the SilenX power supply. The primary specifications (voltages, total output, and measured fan dBA values) are printed clearly. Note this particular device is rated < 14 dBA.

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Perhaps for the purposes of reducing noise, this power supply has a single 80mm cooling fan located at the rear. A second would be appreciated, but does not appear absolutely necessary.

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