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XCM Xbox 360 Diamond Clear Case and Controller Set
Author: Blake James
Manufacturer: XCM
Source: Xoxide
Purchase: Xoxide
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September 29, 2009

Today we venture off the beaten path of our normal reviews and get up close and personal with the XCM Xbox 360 Diamond clear case and controller set. With the modifications done to the Xbox Live service, the addition of Netflix to their line up, and the massive amount of video games available, the Xbox 360 is more popular then ever. The XCM case mod will help distinguish your Xbox 360 from all of the units out there sporting one of the three basic looks; standard white, Halo 3 green, and the Elite black. Is a mod like this too much for the average gamer to take on? Well it is time to find out.

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Our sample today is provided by Xoxide, an online store best known for their PC hardware and modifications, who has been a key supporter of for a long time now. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with Xoxide, here is a bit of what they have to say about themselves on their website...

Xoxide is your premier destination for all your favorite computer parts, cases, and accessories. Here, you're sure to find the best PC modding gear and computer cases to fit just about any system. In addition to some of the hottest mods, you'll find a huge selection of liquid cooling systems, computer audio, and all the accessories to make the ultimate gaming experience. As if that's not enough, you're sure to find a ton of incredible PC gaming accessories, including a new gaming mouse, gaming keyboard, and energy drinks for those hardcore all-night LAN sessions. Oh, and don't forget, Same Day Shipping on all orders means that your order is practically already on its way.

Before taking a look at the XCM Xbox 360 Diamond clear case and controller set provided for review, let's take a look at what Xoxide has to say about it on the official product page.

Product Description:

Providing a detailed look inside your home gaming console, the XCM Xbox 360 Diamond Clear Case & Controller Combo Set is built to show you all the inner-workings of your 360. This durable acrylic case comes with all the pieces you need to successfully mod your Xbox 360, and is also bundled with a see-through controller, which will bring a unique look and detailed illumination to your hand-held gaming peripheral.

Sure to be an excellent replacement to your original XBox 360, the clear design of the XCM Xbox 360 Diamond Clear Case will allow you to fully show off the inner-workings of your console. Incredibly easy to install, this gorgeous XCM Xbox 360 Diamond Clear Case comes with a see-through controller mod, as well as top and bottom panels, faceplate, DVD eject button and tray bezel, both end caps (and bay covers), and the XCM Xbox 360 case opening tool.


See-Through Case Design
Includes Acrylic Xbox 360 Controller Case
Simple to Install

Package Includes:

Top & Bottom Panels
360 Faceplate
DVD Eject Button & Tray Bezel
End Caps (w/ Bay Cover)
XCM Xbox 360 Case Opening Tool
Clear Controller Case

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