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Synology Diskstation DS414j 4-Bay NAS Server
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Synology
Source: Synology
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July 15, 2014

Testing (continued):

ATTO Disk Benchmark v2.41:

In the final phase of performance testing I decided to map the two network storage devices to create drive letters for each on the Windows desktop system. I then fired up ATTO Disk Benchmark v2.41 to see what things looked like. The test was run in a fairly standard configuration; with a transfer size from 0.5 to 8192KB, a total length of 256MB, and the queue depth at 10. Read and write results are provided in terms of MB/s, and higher is better. A small sampling of the many results provided are shown in the charts below.

The first graph takes a look at a sample from the lower end of the transfer size scale, 64KB (read). The Synology Diskstation DS414j comes in at just over 86MB/s, which is definitely respectable.

When we look at the write portion of the 64KB phase of the test we see that the DS414j is now capable of just over 65MB/s.

The next set of results to consider from ATTO were for 8192KB (8MB) file transfers, and we have the read results in the chart below. The DiskStation DS414j comes in at almost 109MB/s, which is close enough to the published specification of 112MB/s to satisfy me.

On the write side of things we see the DS414j put up a value of almost 68MB/s, which is a bit shy of the 80MB/s touted by Synology, but still very good considering all the other factors that could go in to impacting that value.

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