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OCZ Technology RevoDrive X2 100GB PCI Express SSD
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: OCZ Technology
Source: OCZ Technology
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June 22, 2011

Testing (continued):

ATTO Disk Benchmark v2.41:

Version 2.41 of ATTO Disk Benchmark was the next program used to compare the speeds of the solid state drives on hand. The test was run in a fairly standard configuration using a transfer size from 0.5 to 8192KB, a total length of 256MB, and a queue depth of 10. Read and write results are provided in terms of MB/s, where higher is better. Where the first two rounds of tests might provide a close approximation of real world usage, these results are more like a drag race, where the top speed is all that matters.

The first set of results take a look at the 64KB read results. What we see is beyond impressive, with the RevoDrive X2 hitting just over 725MB/s... just shy of the 740MB/s mximum read speed specification.

On the write side of the 64KB tests we see the RevoDrive X2 hit just over 653MB/s, which is extremely fast and close enough to the 690MB/s maximum write speed specification for me to be fully impressed.

The next set of results are for 4096KB (4MB) reads, and the RevoDrive X2 one ups itself by hitting a new top speed of just over 729MB/s.

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