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NZXT Beta Classic Series Case
Author: Chris McInnis
Manufacturer: NZXT
Source: NZXT
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July 24, 2009

Packaging and Accessories:

The NZXT Beta arrived in a plain brown box with a description of the case printed on it... Nothing fancy here! The second picture shows how the UPS guy tried to get a sneak peek before our review was complete - oh no, you have to wait like everyone else! Thanks to the way the case was packaged, there was no damage to either the case or its paint job.

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After cracking the seal, we see that the case is actually oriented face up in the box. I don't know if this is a better way to ship a case, but getting our first glance at the front of the case is nice. The unit was shipped wrapped in protective plastic; pretty much a standard practice these days. After removing the case from the box we get a good look at how the case is protected in its foam and plastic cocoon.

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The accessories ship in a small, white box that is conveniently secured using the case's tool-less drive rails. Included in the box are one set of floppy "rails", four sets of optical drive "rails", five pairs of hard drive rails, a case speaker, a bag of motherboard mounts, screws, fiber washers, and a bracket for a case lock.

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The floppy and optical drive rails are actually quick-connect mounts that are a snap to install. Just line up the pegs with your drive, insert the middle portion in to the slots on the drive cage and twist. TADA! Your drive is secured! The hard drive rails also have a hole so they can be secured to the drive via a screw, and if you don't use a screw, the rails literally fall off the drive during the insertion process. Overall, the hard drive rails were found to be a bit lacking. They didn't have the same secure feel as the optical rails. They never clicked when inserted and on one occasion, the drive actually slid free upon transport.

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Also included is a flyer directing the user to the NZXT website for any instructions they may have.

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