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OSRAM LIGHTIFY LED Tunable White Light Bulb
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Sylvania
Source: Sylvania
Purchase: Home Depot
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September 22, 2015

A few years ago it might have been laughable to consider reviewing a light bulb, and it would have been even weirder to consider that the review would have to cover a setup process that included configuring a gateway and an app on a mobile device. These days, just about every device can be connected and the electronic devices in your home are probably all available in a 'smart' version.

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This review is going to cover OSRAM Sylvania's Lightify LED tunable white light bulb and their Lightify gateway. The bulb itself looks very much like a typical LED light bulb, but it can be controlled via a mobile app in order to turn it on/off, tune the light output from 2700-6500K, and to dim it. The Lightify gateway is one way to access the bulb from a WiFi network (or the Internet), but it is Zigbee compatible and devices from Wink, WeMo, SmartThings, and Nest all have provisions for controlling Lightify products.

Before taking a look at the items provided for review, let's cover some published data on the bulb and the gateway, as taken from the Sylvania website...

Bulb Key Features & Benefits:

Home automation smart lighting controlled by smartphone or tablet
LED bulb tunable between Soft White and Daylight White (2700-6500 Kelvin)
Dimmable at each set color temperature
Long 25,000 hour life rating
LIGHTIFY System is controllable from inside the home or on the go
Control light sources with simple to use scenes and grouping via the LIGHTIFY App
A19 and Gateway available as a starter kit and contains Wireless Gateway and Tunable White Bulb


Electrical Data:
    Rated wattage 9.50 W
    Nominal wattage 9.50 W
    Nominal voltage 240 V
    Operating frequency 50…60 Hz
    Power factor λ 0.70
    Claimed equiv. conventional lamp power 60 W

Photometrical Data:
    Color temperature 2500 K
    Nominal luminous flux 810 lm
    Rated luminous flux 810 lm
    Range of adjustable color temperature 2700…6500 K
    Color rendering index Ra >80
    Standard deviation of color matching ≤6 sdcm

Light Technical Data:
    Warm-up time (60 %) 0.43 s
    Starting time 0.4 s
    Light color management Adjustable color temperature

Dimensions & Weight:
    Overall length: 110.0 mm
    Diameter: 60.0 mm
    Outer bulb: A60
    Product weight: 135.00 g
    Length: 110.0 mm

    Nominal lamp life time: 20000 h
    Rated lamp life time: 20000 h
    Number of switching cycles: 100000

Gateway Key Features & Benefits:

Wire free, unobtrusive Gateway which can be placed anywhere inside the home
Provides access to LIGHTIFY light sources and/or device via local WiFi network or remote cloud server
LIGHTIFY System is controllable from inside the home or on the go
Can control up to 50 ZigBee compatible LIGHTIFY products per Gateway Wireless for LIGHTIFY compatible products
Integrated ZigBee and WiFi wireless connectivity
Control light sources and/or device with simple to use scenes and grouping via the LIGHTIFY App

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