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Kidz Gear Wired and Wireless Headphones
Author: Steven Kean
Manufacturer: Kidz Gear
Source: Kidz Gear
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March 24, 2010


Both the wired and wireless Kidz Gear headphones were given to several kids to test out. On a three hour trip, none of them took the headphones off. At the final destination, they all stated the headphones were more comfortable than the ones that came with the vehicle. The parents of the kids now have to buy new headphones!

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When my son was young, I was constantly buying new headsets for him. It wouldn't take long for them to fall apart, get stepped on or for them to become painful to wear over a long trip. The Kidz Gear headsets were tossed around the vehicle as you might expect them to be in normal use. The headsets were stepped on several times and each time they were undamaged. However, they are not listed as unbreakable, so try not to go to rough on them.

The quality of the audio from the headphones was surprising. At the highest volume, there was no distortion in the audio, or rattles from the bass. Everything sounded just as good at the high volume as it did at a low or medium volume.

Each of these items can be purchased separately. The wired headphones can be found online with a price of around $19.99 directly from Kidz Gear or at, while the wireless headphones can be found for $29.99 directly from Kidz Gear or from

A few things to keep in mind. The IR transmitter is not battery operational; so you will need to use a power converter if you wish to use it in a vehicle (it is not designed for this use). For the headphones themselves, I would like to see some simple padding at the top of the headband. While the kids that wore these did not have any issues, when I wore them for several hours the top of my head was a little sore (but, I am not the target audience anyway).

The bottom line is that the Kidz Gear wired and wireless headphones are a good, budget friendly option for parents looking for headphones for their children, and therefore earn the "Good Value" and "Recommended" awards.

Good Value Recommended


» High quality
» Low cost
» Works virtually anywhere
» Worked with four different systems
» Clear audio with good bass


» IR transmitter not battery operable
» No padding on headphone headband
» Wireless headphones not rechargeable and no batteries included
» Wired cable a little short for use in mini-vans

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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