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Seagate GoFlex Home 1TB Network Storage System
Author: Steven Kean
Manufacturer: Seagate
Source: Seagate
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August 24, 2010

Software (continued):

Clicking the Folder View icon on the Preferences menu (or by opening your Network), you will be able to see how the GoFlex Home appears on your network. As the test unit was named "GoFlex Home" in the configuration, that is how it appears on the network. It adds three network connections: "GOFLEX_HOME", "GOFLEX_HOME_ATM" and "GoFlex Home:UPNP-AV".

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Selecting "GOFLEX_HOME" opens to the specific folder structure of the GoFlex Home. Here there are several options to select from which should be self-explanatory, so this review will not cover what is contained in each of these.

Review Image

External Drive Linking:

One of the extra features of the GoFlex Home is the ability to connect either a printer or additional storage devices. Since the GoFlex Desk 3TB was recently reviewed, the first thought was to attach that as an external drive. In the Preferences, it recognizes the drive, however it is an "Unknown" device and is not activated. This is confirmed by looking at the folder structure. Seagate is aware of this issue, and is working on an update for the 3TB GoFlex Desk to make it compatible with the Home.

Next, a Seagate FreeAgent Go 1TB was connected. The GoFlex Home immediately recognizes it and sets it up. In the Preferences menu, it shows the FreeAgent Go, and automatically activates it. Within the folder structure it appears as a "New Volume". The GoFlex Home has now been expanded from 1TB to 2TB.

Review Image

Attaching a USB hub and two external hard drives further expanded the storage capacity of the GoFlex Home.

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