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Genius Ergo 8800 Wireless Mouse
Author: Richard Jackson
Manufacturer: Genius
Source: Genius
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May 28, 2014

In this review we will take a look at a mouse from Genius, a new sponsor here at While their Ergo 8800 wireless mouse is the first product to be featured in a review here, they are definitely not a new company. They have been in business since 1983, and have a strong global presence with thousands of employees. They offer a wide variety of accessories and peripherals for computers and mobile devices, and even just focusing on their computer mice shows they have dozens of models to choose from.

Promo Image

The Ergo 8800 is shown in the promotional image above, where we can immediately see that it features some key elements that people look for in a mouse. It has a broad, ergonomically shaped body, a variety of buttons for desktop and gaming use, and the wireless communications are handled by a compact USB receiver. Before taking a look at the unit provided for review, let's look at what Genius has to say on their official product page for the the official product page Ergo 8800...

Genius introduces the Ergo 8800; a new wireless infrared mouse. The advanced design maximizes wrist comfort while making navigation effortless. Shaped to encourage a more natural hand, wrist, and forearm posture, this device helps prevent possible pain from repetitive stress injuries.

Ergo 8800 provides quick and easy access to Windows 8 features. Quickly navigate to switch between apps and to open up the Charms panel. Or you can simply toggle between Windows 8 Metro interface and the last app used. Additionally, the Ergo 8800 has four hot keys to access Previous/Next Page, Flying Scroll and adjust the dpi between 800, 1200 and 1600.

One set of included AA batteries gives you up to 36 months of dependable power without battery changes. Say goodbye to the hassle, expense, and waste of frequent battery changes. It's so energy efficient, you won't even have to think about replacing the batteries for years. And since you'll be using and disposing fewer batteries, you'll be doing a good thing for the planet too.

Features and Specifications:

» Part NO.: Black:3103-0105-101
» Buttons: 7
» Port: USB
» OS Support: Windows® 8 /Vista/XP or Mac OSX 10.4+
» Battery: Two AA alkaline batteries
» Resolution(dpi): 1600 dpi Infrared
» Stick-N-Go: YES

System Requirements:

» Windows® 8 /Vista/XP or Mac OSX 10.4+
» Available USB Port

Some of the text in the description of the mouse caused me to dig deeper in to what it really offered. The term Infrared was listed with the resolution, but I typically think of that in terms of a wireless communication method. It turns out that the Ergo 8800 uses RF (Radio Frequency) for the wireless communications with the host PC, and they are using the term Infrared in regards to the optical tracking mechanism. Many brands may simply use the term laser, but here Genius is describing the technology as Infrared since it is an Infrared laser.

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