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Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Generic
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March 05, 2010

In Use (continued):

With the projector connected to a laptop computer, I got out my tape measure and proceeded to test different screen sizes while projecting on to a white wall in a completely darkened room. A screen or whiteboard might have worked better, but neither was available, and the results weren't that bad, anyway.

The below left image shows a Windows 7 desktop projected on to the wall with a diagonally measured screen size of 12". This is below the range of 20" to 50" specified, but it still looks good. s mentioned on the previous page - photos of the projected images don't do them justice, as overall things were clear, easy to read, and quite acceptable. A light more brightness and contrast would definitely be welcomed, but in a dark room I could see all details "on screen" just fine.

Review Image Review Image

The above right image takes us up to a 24" screen size with a look at the home page. The 640x480 resolution is the main hindrance here, but another issue can also be seen here (and in the first image). The intensity fades as you get to the corners, but not as much as these pictures may indicate. While the corners may appear to be about black, in reality they were just a good deal darker than the center of the screen, but still easily visible.

The images below show the screen stretched to 48", which by my measuring requires the projector to be farther from the wall than the specifications permit. The documentation indicate a distance of "1.31 ~ 6.56 feet", but to get a 48" screen size I was already about 82" (6.83 feet) from the wall. You can see the intensity has been reduced greatly at this size, but much of that is due to my attempt to photograph it. It was darker, but still bright enough and clear enough to see just fine.

Review Image Review Image

The next images goes above the high limit to a rather large 60" screen size. This required the projector to be over 100" from the wall, and while the brightness and contrast were degraded, I would still say it could be acceptable for a presentation, photo slideshow, or even to show a movie to the kids in a room without a TV.

Review Image

As a final attempt to demonstrate the abilities of the projector, I took a short movie of a movie being projected at 48" and uploaded it to Youtube. Too many variables that could degrade the image quality, but there are two main points that can be made. One, the projector was able to keep up with video at 30 frames per second. And two, at the end of the video clip I move the camera close to the projector just to provide a sample of the whining from the cooling fan.

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