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APM-J011-WS Wireless/Wired Night Vision IP Camera
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Generic
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December 05, 2012


The APM-J011-WS wireless/wired night vision IP camera sent over by works very well. Having used a handful of other name brand cameras, I wasn't sure what I should expect from this lower priced, generically packaged unit. Because the APM-J011-WS is so much like a Foscam camera, I wound up being very pleased. It was extremely easy to setup, the feature-packed interface is nearly identical, and every day use is quite simple.

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I have had this camera installed for about 6 weeks now, and I can not report any significant issues. One thing I did notice, is also a 'feature' of the Foscam brand cameras that I own... When I connect the cameras via WiFi, if there is a power outage or the camera otherwise loses connection to the router, it will not regain its connection automatically when the power / connection is restored. Even if I assign static IP addresses via the DHCP server in my router, the APM-J011-WS (and the two Foscam cameras on site) need help getting back online on occasion. I prefer the reliability and security of a hard wired connection any way, so to me this is not a big concern. Being hard wired, and with the router configured for port forwarding, I have been able to keep an eye on my property from around the world without issue.

The only other comment on the performance of the camera is in regards to the pan/tilt speed. Compared to the Foscam and Panasonic units, this camera moves incredibly fast. For example, you can go from far left to far right stops in a flash, and all you see on the way is a blur. What may take 5+ seconds on a Foscam (while providing clear images all the way) is accomplished in perhaps 1+ second on the APM-J011-WS. Not a negative, but I do picture it crashing in to the motion stops when I do this, so I do not leave this camera in patrol mode for fear that it will break itself! sells this camera for $52.99 (before shipping), which is right at a point that makes me think about the value. Another online retailer offers this same camera for a few dollars less, so they are obviously in the ball park when it comes to the pricing on this unit. But, when compared to a Foscam, I have to pause for a minute. Comparable Foscam cameras sell for $85 or more, which makes the APM-J011-WS look like a good value. But, on a fairly regular basis the Foscam cameras go on sale, and as this review is being published their FI8910 (an extremely similar camera) is on sale for $63 (with free shipping).


Web interface is easy to use and feature packed
Tilt and pan function controllable from web browser, mobile phone, etc
Night vision functionality works very well
Two way audio
Features and physical appearance just like a higher priced Foscam brand camera


Does not reliably regain network connection via WiFi if power cycles or connection is temporarily lost
Field of view is narrower than similar cameras
Not all that much cheaper than a name brand camera

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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