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Fibaro KeyFob Z-Wave Scene Controller
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Fibaro
Source: The Smartest House
Purchase: The Smartest House
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June 13, 2017

Packaging and Accessories:

Although I have only used two Fibaro brand devices, I now see that white is a dominant color for them. Their packaging is minimalistic, and generally features a few details on a matte white box. Their products generally have a simple, but elegant appearance, and gloss white seems to be the finish of choice. The KeyFob follows these observations, and as seen in the image below, the packaging is matte white with roughly a full size view of the device on top, and some technical data printed on the bottom of the box.

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Inside the box we find the KeyFob nestled in to a plastic tray with the key ring pre-attached and tucked under the body of the remote controller. The only other items included in the box are instructions printed in a variety of languages.

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The Basics:

The bank of images below show the top of the Fibaro KeyFob from different angles. The device is roughly the size of a remote start / keyless entry controller for a car, and definitely won't make your ring of keys too bulky. There are six raised buttons on the face of the remote, including chromed depictions of a square, circle, X, triangle, minus, and plus.

Review Image Review Image Review Image

The image below shows the back of the controller where we see a compartment for the CR2450 battery required (and included). You have to go in there, even when new, to remove the strip that keeps the battery from discharging, but per the published information it should be two years before you need to go in there again to replace the battery. This is the only area of the design, and the function, of the remote controller where I have some issues. One, the cover is extremely difficult to remove, and using coins in the slot to open it up actually resulted in gouges to the plastic given how much force was required. It turns out that the general shape (mating concave surfaces with a threaded interface) may contribute to this, but there is also an o-ring inside that is intended to help seal the compartment to make it water resistant. Once finally opened, I found the o-ring was out of the groove, and really did not want to go back in nicely. I wound up letting the o-ring "rest" a bit before closing it up, and I put a bit of dielectric grease on it to make it close easier, and hopefully open easier next time, too.

Review Image

My second disappointment was that once connected, within just 3 days of use that the battery was down to 50% (per SmartThings). Two weeks later and it is still at 50%, but my expectations of making it two years with this battery are low.

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