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ecobee3 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Remote Sensor
Author: Bill Lepse
Manufacturer: ecobee
Source: ecobee
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September 14, 2015

Initial Set Up and Installation (continued):

Next you will choose to enable or disable the Smart Home/Away feature. If this is enabled, the thermostat will automatically change modes based on the motion sensor's feedback. For instance; if you are supposed to be at work but you are home sick; rather than the thermostat following its scheduled away temperature it will sense you are home and over-ride the program and keep the temperature at your home setting. No need for you to get out from under the covers to adjust it.

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Next you set your time zone and country.

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Up next you will configure the ecobee to communicate over your wireless network. If you are an Apple user you can configure this with your device of choice, or you can manually select the wireless network, give it the password and you are set.

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The next step is to register your ecobee online. At the website you will create and account and confirm your registration code to link the thermostat. Quickly the thermostat will acknowledge it has been registered and after pressing OK the unit will start to calibrate.

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The next step is pairing your remote sensor(s). Again ecobee has made the process super easy. Once you pull the battery tab out, the remote sensor powers up and starts to communicate with the thermostat and it will display the remote sensor's unique code. If correct, you press "Yes" and give your sensor a name or location. Next you will choose what Comfort Settings you want this sensor to be associated with.

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At this point you have probably spent 30 minutes, the setup is complete, and your HVAC is ready to start working.

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