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Aeotec DSA03202-V1 Z-Wave Minimote
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Aeotec
Source: Aeotec
Purchase: eBay
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August 09, 2017


The Aeotec DSA03202-V1 Z-Wave Minimote is definitely a budget friendly choice in the Z-Wave remote controller market, but it is still quite a capable little device. While I am now using each of my two in vehicles to control lighting and garage doors as I approach the house, I see them being even more appealing to most users have inside the house. Maybe have one in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, etcetera to provide you with convenient, low cost access to a number of your smart home's features. Their setup is simple, they function very well, and I would say anyone in the family would be comfortable using one as the four buttoned interface is not intimidating.

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Compared to the other Z-Wave remotes I have on hand (the Fibaro KeyFob and the Nodon Soft remote), there are a few shortcomings with the Minimotes. While the Minimotes are rechargeable, the batteries are not replaceable and I would prefer to have a standard battery type inside that I could easily replace with a new one. Additionally, the other remotes are capable of controlling more functions/scenes... 30 for Fibaro and 16 for NodOn, compared to 8 for the Minimote. The build quality seems better on the other remotes, and by using all of these as garage door openers, I have found that the Minimote has the shortest range (although it is about on par with the original garage door opener, making it more than adequate). But, considering you could buy three Minimotes for every one NodOn or Fibaro remote, I think some people will find the trade offs to be quite acceptable.

Deals on these Minimotes seem to pop up quite often, and sometimes for even less than I paid. But, $29.95 for two on eBay is a good deal to me, especially considering that what I received is better than what other people cliam to have received from other sources.

In the end, the Aeotec DSA03202-V1 Z-Wave Minimote earns the "Recommended" and "Good Value" awards.

Recommended Good Value


» Easy to setup
» Control up to 8 functions/scenes using the four physical buttons
» Works very well
» Inexpensive at under $15 each
» Only been in use for a month, but one charge is holding just fine


» Battery is not replaceable
» Range is not as long as Fibaro KeyFob or Nodon Soft remote
» Build quality is not as good as Fibaro KeyFob or Nodon Soft remote
» Doesn't control as many functions/scenes as Fibaro KeyFob or Nodon Soft remote

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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