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Airthings Wave Smart Radon Detector
Author: Bill Lepse
Manufacturer: Airthings
Source: Airthings
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April 23, 2019

Packaging and Accessories:

The Airthings Wave comes in a small heavy duty sleeve over tray package. The sample I received was a demo unit, so it had been previously opened, but there are signs of tamper evident tape that was removed. On the top of the sleeve you have a picture of the device in operation, the company name and logo in the top left, and product name in top right. Along the bottom it indicates there is a free app and tells you the purpose of the device; a "Smart Radon Detector." The back of the sleeve provides a content list, shows the iOS app in use, and references the color codes for the device reading status. One thing to note is the app layout and symbols are different than what I installed. In this version the icon for radon is a bunch of dots, in the newer version this is the typical radiation symbol. The manual also shows the series of dots to represent radon.

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On one side of the tray they describe radon and the risks of your exposure, and on the other side is your quick start guide. Sliding the sleeve off you will find the Airthings Wave in a plastic tray. When you pull this out the magnetic mounting plate comes out with it, but they included a film between so you can separate them. In my case the magnet had become dislodged from the plate. A little glue would fix this and I assume this is due to it being a demo unit rather than poor assembly. Under the tray is a screw and wall anchor and a small bag of desiccant. I am a bit surprised though that this unit doesn't appear to come shrink wrapped. From what I have read it could become permanently damaged by high humidity; since this may travel through areas of high humidity on its way to your home I am not sure a small bag of desiccant is enough. But with that concern in mind, this unit was assembled in Tunisia and shipped all over the world before it got to me, and it works fine.

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The Basics:

The unit itself is shaped just like a standard round smoke detector. From the outside you wouldn't know it is anything different. The company logo is embossed in the center of the device and around that are several perforations, several of these are faux holes. Along the outside edge it is trimmed with a silver metal ring, below this area the side slightly tapers down. Also on top are two sensors near the edge that are to detect your "Wave", to provide a reading without the use of the app. Around the back you will find some device information and (2) AA batteries. My unit was supplied with Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries.

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The mount is a fairly standard ring and while mine had a loose magnet; it is countersunk for you to use the included hardware to wall or ceiling mount this device. It is noted in the instructions online to not mount this near windows or vents, and it should be 3 feet away from either. I just placed this on a table.

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