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Cougar 600M Laser Gaming Mouse
Author: Richard Jackson
Manufacturer: Cougar
Source: Cougar
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January 06, 2015


After a few weeks in use, I have to say the Cougar 600M laser gaming mouse is very comfortable. It is more comfortable than the 700M, and perhaps more so than any other mouse that I can recall using. It fits my hand well, the texture allows me to get a good grip, the buttons are well laid out, and I find the feedback of the buttons to be just right. I can use it for hours on end without any discomfort, and overall it has a very natural feel to it. I find that the buttons associated with shooting are very useful in games, and are ergonomically positioned to make using them very comfortable. Additionally, the location of the buttons and force required to trigger them prevent them from being triggered inadvertantly. The Cougar UIX software lets you customize the mouse to suit the needs of any game / application, and you can really make game play much easier with the right programming and use of macros. Additionally, the software can be used to change the LED coloring, and while it offers no performance boost - it definitely looks cool.

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On the downside, my initial concern about the orange color and slightly rubbery surface attracting dirt proved to be valid. I don't recall having dirty hands at any point while using this mouse, but the left side is getting kind of grungy. I have wiped it lightly with mild cleaners, but nothing has helped. I am hesitant to use anything more aggressive so that I don't damage the finish. Perhaps this is why I always choose a dark colored mouse. Additionally, while I found the size and wieght of the mouse to be just right, these aren't one size fits all kinds of things. The 700M offered an adjustable palm rest and the ability to add weights to the body of the mouse. The 600M has one size and one weight, so those who like to fine tune the physical features of their mouse will be out of luck here.

As we mentioned near the beginning of the review, the 600M sells for around $55 at, which is quite competitive with other feature rich gaming mice. This also makes the 600M about $15 less than the 700M, which is a savings I would definitely take.

When we reviewed the 700M mouse from Cougar, it earned our "Highly Recommended" and "Gaming Approved" award. I have to say that all of the basic features of the 700M are found in the 600M, but overall I prefer the look and the feel of the 600M more. That said, the Cougar 600M laser gaming mouse also earns the "Highly Recommended" and "Gaming Approved" awards.

Highly Recommended Gaming Approved


» Excellent gaming features and specifications
» Solid performance, tracking, and button response
» 4 user customizable, on the fly DPI settings
» Comfortable
» Software is well laid out, very useful, and offers many options


» No weight adjustment
» Orange version seems to get dirty and stay dirty

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