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Tuniq Potency 650W Power Supply
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Tuniq
Source: Tuniq
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Tuniq Potency 650W Power Supply
February 18, 2009


The list below details all of the connections available on the Tuniq Potency 650W power supply.

1 * 20+4Pin Mainboard
2 * PCI Express (1 * 6Pin, 1 * 6+2Pin)
6 * 4Pin Molex
1 * 4Pin FDD
6 * SATA
1 * 8Pin EPS12V
1 * 4Pin P412V

While there are six 4-pin Molex connections hard-wired to the unit as mentioned above, there was the adaptor shown earlier that would bring the total available to seven. All of the cables are flexible, and are neatly finished with black mesh and heatshrink tubing (even between connectors on the same lead).

The below left image shows the two motherboard power leads. There is a cable with a 20+4-pin connection, as well as a cable with an 8-pin 12V connection wired about six inches from a 4-pin 12V connection. Neither of these leads is very long, and while they should work just fine in most cases that have the power supply mounted above the motherboard, for those with a case where the PSU goes at the bottom, I think you might have trouble reaching. Another issue with these cables is that there is nothing to keep the 20+4-pin connection held together except for resistance in the socket on the motherboard. Some sort of clip or tabs would be nice, and I could see the 4-pin portion working its way loose over time on systems that are moved regularly.

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The above right image shows the two PCI Express power connections. Much to my surprise, they are on the same cable just about six inches apart. This will not only complicate connecting two cards depending on the orientation of the sockets on the cards, but more importantly it tells me that they are both on the same 12V rail. While 25A for a 12V rail in a 650W power supply seems decent, putting two video cards, perhaps the two highest power drawing components in a system, on one of the two available rails doesn't seem like the best plan. I don't think I have ever seen PCI Express leads daisy chained like this.

The next two images take a look at the balance of the leads. There are two leads with three SATA connections each, and two leads with 3 4-pin Molex connections each (with one featuring a floppy connection at the end).

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Internal Inspection:

The power supply cover is held on by four screws, but unlike most units there is no warning about voiding the warranty by opening it up. It isn't the best idea if you don't know what you are doing, and besides, there isn't much to see inside. The images below show that the electrical components inside look somewhat generic, and while the heatsinks aren't huge, they should be adequate for a 650W unit. Checking out the below left image reveals that a small plastic sheet is used to blind off about 1/4 of the fan. This may increase fan noise and back pressure, but this way air won't go straight out the back of the unit and it is forced to wash over some of the heat generating components first.

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