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Acousti Products AcoustiCase 340 Quiet Computer Case
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Acousti Products
Source: Quiet PC USA
Purchase: Quiet PC USA
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Acousti Products AcoustiCase 340 Quiet Computer Case
September 19, 2007


As shown in the Internal Inspection portion of the review, the AcoustiCase 340 included a cardboard box full of some typical, and some not-so-typical, accessories. The image below is basically a diagram of what is included with the case, how the various acoustical items were fit, and some suggestions for installation and operation.

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Next we have two packages for Acousti Products brand accessories included with the case. While the AcoustiFeet are pre-installed, the package is included for your reference. There is also a pack of Acousti Fan Mounts included which will allow you to install two fans without using any screws. In addition to a tool-less installation, these mounts reduce vibration and provide yet another noise reducing touch to the case.

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The above right image shows an AcoustiFan (available here) that Quiet PC included for use in this review, although it is not normally included with the case. This is a 120mm fan engineered for low noise operation that comes complete with its own fan mounts and a cable that can be used to run the fan at various speeds. The brown box to the right of the fan includes some other accessories which are examined in closer detail below.

The below left image shows some items that you might expect to find with any case; a bag of installation hardware and a user's guide. While the items in the below left image may be somewhat typical, this particular design definitely isn't. The "tool-less" drive rails are constructed of steel, and are way heavier duty than they could ever have to be. In addition to the robust design, the term "tool-less" is used loosely... you need to attach each rail to your drive with screws, so some of the convenience is lost. This semi-tool-less approach is a common theme in this case, which will be detailed more as the installation is covered later.

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The system installed in the AcoustiCase 340 Acoustically-Lined Quiet Computer Case includes an ECS brand ATI based mATX motherboard, an Intel D840 dual core processor, a 128MB PowerColor brand Radeon x800 GTO PCI Express graphics card, 1GB of Kingston PC2-5400 DDR2 memory, an 80GB Seagate SATA drive, a Memorex 16x DVD-ROM, and an Enermax Liberty 500W modular power supply.

The first step I took in completing the installation was to install a pair of drives, one HDD and one DVD. The below left image shows that the drive rails look typical once installed, but the manner of attaching them isn't typical. I used four screws to install the rails, which seems like an inconvenient step in order to achieve a "tool-less" installation. Hard drive installation is also only partially tool-less. While the drive cage is installed without the need for tools, each drive is attached to the cage by four screws. The screws are fairly unique, as they had broad heads and a longer shaft in order to reach through the vibration dampening rubber grommet, and the net result is a well secured drive with no metal to metal contact.

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