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Acousti Products AcoustiCase 340 Quiet Computer Case
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Acousti Products
Source: Quiet PC USA
Purchase: Quiet PC USA
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Acousti Products AcoustiCase 340 Quiet Computer Case
September 19, 2007

External Examination:

Quiet PC has two versions of the Acousti Products AcoustiCase available, the 340 and the 360. Each offers similar features with a different outer appearance which may appeal to users in favor of, or opposed to, doors on the front of their case. In addition to having two models, each is available in two color schemes; all black and black with a silver front bezel. We will be taking a look at the AcoustiCase 340, and as the images below reveal, the all black version. The bulk of the case is constructed of steel, while the front bezel is plastic. The paint job on the steel is a textured black that has a bit of a satin finish when viewed in typical office lighting. The front panel's finish actually looks like aluminum, and it wasn't until I touched it that I realized it was plastic.

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The side panel is held in place by two latches, as well as a pair of thumbscrews. For security purposes you can lock the upper latch with a set of included keys, and around back a pair of steel rings can be found (one on the side panel and one on the case's frame) that would allow you to use a lock or cable to further secure the system. At the front edge of both side panels is a set of stylized vents that allow the 120mm intake fan (not included) to draw in fresh air.

The images below take a look at the front of the AcoustiCase 340. The oversized power button has a chrome finish with a clear plastic ring around it that lights up with a faint green light when powered up. Other features in the area include a hard drive activity LED (that glows yellow), microphone jack, headphone jack, two USB ports, and one Firewire port.

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Behind the case's hinged front door we find four exposed 5.25" bays and two exposed 3.5" bays. The two recessed circles to the right of the drive bays are magnets which provide a very strong grip on the door when closed... Just get the door close to being closed, and the magnets will finish the job. An interesting item is that Quiet PC chose not to interrupt the refined outward appearance of the case with any kind of labeling, but they did stick a Quiet PC case badge to the inside of the door.

The images below provide a look at the back of the empty case, which reveals that their is nothing overly exciting going on back here. Just like the intake fan opening, the exhaust fan opening is designed for a 120mm, and once again the fan is not included.

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