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Lian Li PC-C36 Muse HTPC Case
Author: acruxksa
Manufacturer: Lian Li
Source: Lian Li
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Lian Li PC-C36 Muse HTPC Case
February 09, 2009


The Lian Li PC-C36 Muse HTPC case is a very well made case that has a lot of nice features. Its brushed black anodized aluminum construction is not only clean and elegant, it looks at home in the typical home entertainment center. It's clear Lian Li never intended this case to house one of the more powerful graphics cards, but that's not really an issue in the HTPC market segment. The quality of the construction is obvious and can be easily identified simply by looking at how Lian Li chose to install the motherboard standoffs. Rather than simply drill and tap holes to screw standoffs into, they chose to press in lengthened stainless steel standoffs. These and many other small design touches are what I feel make the Lian Li PC-C36 Muse a very good case.

Searching around the Internt shows that this case can be purchased from several places with prices ranging from $197 to $210. and ProVantage are just a couple of the online retailers offering this product. Lian Li products are high quality with a high attention to detail, and that definitely comes at an elevated price.

If you are looking to build a slim HTPC, the Lian Li PC-C36 Muse HTPC case is definitely "Recommended".



Anodized black brushed aluminum fits nicely into any home entertainment system
Riser card and low profile card adapter included
Internal components are easily remove and install
Longer motherboard standoffs allow routing of wires below motherboard
Hard drive vibration and noise dampening rubber shock absorbers are a nice accessory
Slim case height and dimensions will fit most entertainment centers


SATA power cable too short to use with the optical drive and the upper drive cage
Double sided tape for installation of aluminum drive bezel is a marginal solution

Special thanks to GlobalPR and Lian Li for providing the Lian Li PC-C36 Muse HTPC Case to for review!

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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