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Lian Li 750W Maxima Force Series Power Supply
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Lian Li
Source: Lian Li
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Lian Li 750W Maxima Force Series Power Supply
December 05, 2008

Internal Inspection:

Removing the cover of the power supply voids the warranty, but it also provides a closer look at the internal components. Many times you might wish you hadn't seen what was inside, but on this unit it was worth the effort. All of the components seem to be adequately sized, and from a brief inspection they would seem to be of the quality that Lian Li advertises.

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There is a large Japanese capacitor in the middle of an array of "fine-toothed" copper heatsinks. You almost always see aluminum heatsinks, so that is an interesting design change. Taking a look at the various PCBs reveals that they are all printed with the Lian Li logo; even if they don't manufacture the power supplies, it appears that they do design them.

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The cables are all sleeved in black mesh and finished neatly with heatshrink tubing. The spans between connectors on the same cable are also sleeved, and overall they appear to be very well done. The Lian Li website (and even claims that there are four 6+2-Pin PCi Express connections, but in fact there are just two. The list below summarizes all of the connectors provided:

24-Pin Main Connector X1
8-Pin 12V x1
4-Pin 12V x1
6+2-Pin PCI-E x2
4-Pin Molex x7
4-Pin Floppy x1

The below left image shows the motherboard connections, and the below right image shows the two PCI Express connections. Each PCI Express cable has a "bead core protection" filter installed that will help reduce electromagnetic interference.

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The below left image shows two cables that provide all of the 4-pin "Molex" drive connections, as well as the single floppy drive connection. The below right image shows two cables, each of which provides three SATA drive connections.

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