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Lian Li 750W Maxima Force Series Power Supply
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Lian Li
Source: Lian Li
Purchase: Newegg.com
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Lian Li 750W Maxima Force Series Power Supply
December 05, 2008

Packaging and Accessories:

The Lian Li 750W Maxima Force Series power supply is sold in the cardboard box shown below. You get a good look at the unit, plenty of information about it, and there is even a carrying handle to help you carry it around your house after it is delivered.

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The next set of images show that the power supply is very well packed. The housing is protected by thick black foam, and all of the cables are isolated in a cardboard box of their own. In addition to the power supply and its cables, you also get an AC power cord, mounting screws, and a user's manual.

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External Examination:

The appearance of the 750W Maxima Force Series power supply is simple, but attractive. The housing is black, but unlike so many units with glossy finishes that are prone to smudges and finger prints, this one has a textured finish. It actually feels rough, and I really like it for the no nonsense, practical appeal.

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The cooling fan is made mostly of translucent plastic, and it can be illuminated by blue LEDs embedded in the frame. This is not your typical LED fan though, as there is a switch on the back of the unit that lets you leave the fan running, but turn the lights out. This is a great idea, as many power supplies on the market may be worth considering for use, but LED lighting isn't for everyone. The only issue I have with this feature is that the tiny toggle switch Lian Li used seems out of place; like a cheap after thought.

One side panel of the power supply has a label printed with some of the features and the electrical specifications. Even though this unit is rated for 750W, 850W is the maximum power output; a level it can maintain for up to an hour (according to the Lian Li website).

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All of the DC power cables exit the housing through a small opening that is not lined with anything to protect the wires (the black item in the image above is a cable tie holding the wires together). The edges of the metal are smooth, but a trim ring or something similar would be a nice touch. All of the cables are sleeved in black mesh, but the sleeving ends about an inch shy of the entrance to the power supply. The finish in this small corner leaves a bit to be desired, but overall the unit makes a good impression as far as aesthetics are concerned.

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