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Thermalright HR-07 Memory Module Cooler
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Thermalright
Source: Thermalright
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Thermalright HR-07 Memory Module Cooler
January 29, 2007

Thermalright produces a variety of cooling products that have always managed to impress in reviews at and just about everywhere else around the web. With a well respected line up of CPU, GPU, and chipset coolers, Thermalright has been one of the top choices of overclockers and enthusiasts for years. The line up has been expanding lately, and one of the newest additions is the HR-07 Memory Module Cooler.

As shown in the promotional image above, the HR-07 takes the traditional design of a Thermalright cooler and applies it to a memory module. A single HR-07 has the ability to passively cool a DDR or DDR2 memory module, but when used in a dual channel configuration two HR-07s can be coupled together and used passively, or actively cooled with a 72mm, 80mm, or 92mm fan.

Before looking at the HR-07 itself, let's look at some of what Thermalright has to say about it on their website...


Double heatpipes to double heatsinks for fast and efficient cooling
Proprietary through holes on every fin for efficient ventilation in passive mode
Vast compatibility across multiple types of memories
No tools needed for an easy installation
Optional fan installation for even better cooling results
Supports Dual Channel Memory setup

Technical Specification:

Dimension: L150 x W27 x H86 mm (Heatsink Only)
Weight: 150g (Heatsink Only)
Recommended Fan: 70mm ,80mm ,92mm Fan


DDR1 DDR2 Single Sided Memory Module&Double Sided Memory Module
For Mother Board Memory Slot "Dimm Slot 1&3" or "Dimm Slot 2&4" Dual Channel


Thermalright generally ships their products in a simple brown box with no images and minimal text. Although the box for the HR-07 is similar, it is quite a step up as it provides a few sketches, details a few of the features and specifications, and even includes a window where you can catch a quick glimpse of the product itself.

Click Image For Larger View Click Image For Larger View

Since most enthusiasts take advantage of the performance boost of running memory in dual channel mode, Thermalright was kind enough to send over two HR-07s for us to test.

Click Image For Larger View

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