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HornetTek Hover 3.5" SATA USB Enclosure
Author: Steven Kean
Manufacturer: HornetTek
Source: HornetTek
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HornetTek Hover 3.5
April 02, 2009

Installation and Operation:

Installing a hard drive is a very simple process, and the included manual should aid even the most technologically challenged person. Once you remove the tiny screw on the bottom, the front door swings up and out of the way. This is nice as it ensures it is not in your way when installing your hard drive.

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On other similar enclosures, when you swing the front open the drive is automatically ejected. The Hover uses a manual ejection lever to remove your SATA hard drive from the internal connections. Pushing this lever towards the back of the enclosure will push the hard drive out of the enclosure.

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Before sliding the hard drive in place, I tried to get some information on the 50mm fans installed in the Hover. The only information I was able to find pointed to a 50mm fan by PrimeCooler. If this is the same fan, then it is rated for 4000 RPM and is said to be "Super Silent".
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Along the interior of the door there is a plastic tube, which has two LEDs in it. One LED at each end so the front of the door will light up when the enclosure is powered on.

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Slide your hard drive into the enclosure so the SATA connections are nearest the top edge of the enclosure. One you have your hard drive in place; secure it to the enclosure with one of the included screws. When your hard drive is in place, close the door and put the screw back into the bottom. This will keep the door from swinging open when in use.

During use, the front door lights up with two blue LEDs that are on the inside of the enclosure. One indicates power while the other indicates drive activity. It does look nice and they are not overly bright.

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