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Hiper Osiris ATX Tower Case
Author: Barracas
Manufacturer: Hiper
Source: Hiper
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Hiper Osiris ATX Tower Case
June 04, 2008

Installation (continued):

Mounting the optical and floppy drives went together smoothly. Thumbscrews again were included, but the use of a screw driver is needed to mount the floppy to the adapter bracket. If you decide to use the optical drive bay covers you will need to remove your optical drive's tray cover as seen in the photo below. This will allow the drive to close properly.

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Hard drive installation went easily, as well. To remove the cage you will need to remove four thumbscrews and slide the cage out through the front. As you might expect, thumbscrews are used to mount each hard drive to the cage. With this design I doubt that there will be any heat issues with the drives, but I wouldn’t want to fill this cage with the limit of four due to air restrictions that it would cause with the rest of the case.

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Wiring the case at first seemed as if it was going to present my first challenge. I looked throughout the case to find the best way to route them. With the open design of the interior I found no areas to hide all of the cables I had. I’m using an 880 Watt non-modular power supply with a plethora of excess cables. So it was time to look over the instructions where I found a brief description and illustration showing how to mount a water-cooling setup. In that illustration it showed that the provided Velcro straps were intended to be used with slits found on the front of the motherboard tray, so I gave it a whirl to use for my wiring. There were four slits available allowing you run all of your wiring from top to bottom between the motherboard and front bays as shown in the pictures below.

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With a majority of my cables tied up, it was time to figure out what to do with the excess power supply cables. Had I installed a modular unit I probably wouldn’t have any worries. I found by using wire ties I was able to neatly fold them to tuck behind the power supply. The results were amazing given the small open areas to work with. Hiper’s solution to cable management may not hide all of the wires, but it does manage to do wonders with cable clutter as seen in the images that follow. I really like it, and can say that this is one of the easiest cases for installation that I have had the pleasure of working with.

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Snapping all of the panels back took mere seconds. The thought that went into the design really shows. Having connected all of my external cables, the case turned on without a hitch.

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