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Eagle Tech ET-CS2LSU2-BK 2.5 Inch USB Drive Enclosure
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Eagle Tech Computers
Source: Eagle Tech Computers
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Eagle Tech ET-CS2LSU2-BK 2.5 Inch USB Drive Enclosure
February 13, 2008


The Eagle Tech ET-CS2LSU2-BK 2.5 Inch USB Drive Enclosure is one of the best hard drive enclosures I have used and it just feels like it is built to last. The drive doesn't rattle inside, the housing doesn't flex, and the combination of thick steel side panels and beefy rolled edges indicate that it is ready to offer years of reliable service no matter how it is handled.

Style and performance aren't sacrificed in the name of ruggedness, either. The appearance is stylish and professional, and the leather accents are well done. Other than a simple "Eagle" logo embossed in the leather, there are no markings on the top of the enclosure, allowing it to maintain a more sophisticated appeal.

While USB 2.0 can't compete with eSATA in terms of performance, testing showed that the USB 2.0 connection on the ET-CS2LSU2-BK allowed the drive inside to put up very impressive numbers. By moving the drive from another enclosure (which I had previously considered to be rather quick) to the Eagle Tech unit, the transfer rates increased by close to 7%.

There really isn't anything negative to say about this product. While some users may want eSATA support or perhaps a software application for easy backups to be included, those looking for a high quality USB 2.0 enclosure should definitely consider the Eagle Tech ET-CS2LSU2-BK. While eSATA can offer much greater transfer rates, USB is still far more common, and a quick online search should pull up at least a few free backup applications compatible with any drive enclosure.

A search of PriceGrabber finds one retailer that I am not familiar with offering the Eagle Tech ET-CS2LSU2-BK for $24.99. Digging around the Internet a bit more finds it at for the same price. With all the positive things to say about this enclosure, twenty five dollars is definitely a reasonable price.

Considering things like the strong performance, rugged but stylish construction, and competitive price, the Eagle Tech ET-CS2LSU2-BK 2.5 Inch USB Drive Enclosure earns the award of "Highly Recommended" with ease.


Strong USB 2.0 performance
Housing is extremely rugged
Easy installation
Drive stays cool and quiet
USB connector is built in
No extra power source is required
Leather accents are stylish, and disguise that this is a portable hard drive


USB 2.0 connectivity only

Special thanks to Eagle Tech Computers for providing the Eagle Tech ET-CS2LSU2-BK 2.5 Inch USB Drive Enclosure to for review!

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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