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CyberHome 6-Speaker Surround Sound Headphone System
Author: dadx2mj
Manufacturer: CyberHome
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CyberHome 6-Speaker Surround Sound Headphone System
February 22, 2007


While I have come to expect great bargains from the, the CyberHome 6-Speaker Surround Sound Headphone System offers some what of a mixed bag. They are very affordable, look good, sound great, and are the most comfortable headphones I have ever had the pleasure of wearing.

Despite the positive points, the headphones seem to suffer from some lack of quality based on the connections issues the first set had and the defective battery charging in both units we received. I am still using the CyberHome Headphones because they are so comfortable and sound so good, however I am not getting rid of my Ezonics headphones as something in the back of my mind is telling me I may need them at some point in the future.

The eight foot cord, plus the three foot extension make it easy to move around while listening to the tunes. Having both coaxial and optical digital inputs make the CyberHome headphones compatible with most computers, other audio devices, and many modern game consoles (PS3, XBOX 360, Wii). With the addition of the rechargeable lithium battery, the CyberHome headphones can also be used on mobile audio devices.

With a price of $17.99 from, these headphones really are a good deal if you only want to use them when connected to a wall outlet for power, and as such earn the "Good Value" award.


Very comfortable
Good looking
Excellent sound quality
Low price


Connection issues in first unit we received
Battery charging defective in both units we received
Volume controls too far from headset

Special thanks to for providing the CyberHome 6-Speaker Surround Sound Headphone System to for review!

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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