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CyberHome 6-Speaker Surround Sound Headphone System
Author: dadx2mj
Manufacturer: CyberHome
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CyberHome 6-Speaker Surround Sound Headphone System
February 22, 2007

The Basics (continued):

Below we see the decoder box all hooked up and in operation.

Click Image For Larger View

Moving on to inspect the headphones, the image below reveals that they are solid black with a padded head strap and ear cups.

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Two design features that really enhance the comfort of the CyberHome headphones include the slight angle of the ear cups (the bottom is slightly more forward than the top) and the ability of the ear cup to swivel in and out to match the angle of your head.

Click Image For Larger View Click Image For Larger View

Of all the headphones I have ever worn, the CyberHome set are bar none the most comfortable I have ever worn. With the basics covered, let's move on and get the CyberHome headphones connected.


The first thing to consider is that you can not just plug these CyberHome headphones into a speaker or head phone jack. They require a digital output; either an optical or coaxial S/PDIF jack off your sound card or audio device.

Once the battery is charged you are supposed to be able to run without the power cord attached, but you will first need to charge the battery by plugging the AC to DC adapter into a wall socket and into the decoder box. With the selector switch on the back of the decoder you can chose to run from the battery or the power adapter. Then simply plug the CyberHome headphones into one of the two ports on the front of the decoder, set the selector switch to on, and set the input selector to either coaxial or optical (which ever you are using). You are now ready to rock and roll!

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