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Chieftec HM-01B HTPC Case
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Chieftec
Source: Chieftec
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Chieftec HM-01B HTPC Case
March 11, 2009

External Examination (continued):

The below left image takes a look at the right side of the case's front panel. Here is where a matching optical drive bay cover and eject button are found, as well as a panel that covers a variety of front panel connections. The cover is spring loaded and opens up to reveal everything shown in the below right image. There are two USB ports, a Firewire port, a 56-in-1 card reader, two audio jacks, and a pair of LED lights. The LED on the left is the power LED and the one on the right is for flash card activity. The (blue) power LED is only visible when this cover is opened, and I like that. It keeps the look of the case understated.

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The underside of the case (below left image) features four feet with rubberized pads to reduce vibrations and to make the case look more like an entertainment center component. The top, bottom, and right sides of the case are solid, with no ventilation holes or features of interest. The left side of the case (below right image) features two meshed grills that can be used as locations to mount 80mm fans (not included). The openings aren't quite as large as an 80mm fan, but with a low flow unit installed behind each, that shouldn't matter.

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The back of the case is shown in the next set of images. The power supply is mounted off to the left, with a pair of 80mm fans mounted above the I/O panel location. To the right of this are seven typical expansion slots with vents above each to allow hot air to escape. The case is not particularly tall, but the presence of 80mm fans (instead of 60mm units) and this vented area over the expansion slots tells me it is a bit taller than some HTPC cases I have used.

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Other than the stylish appearance, the quality of the construction has made a good first impression, as well. The unit feels like it is solidly designed and constructed, and that is sometimes rare with HTPC cases. The aluminum surfaces are all rather thick, and the corners have extra thick pieces of radiused aluminum to give the case even more strength (as well as a unique appearance).

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